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NYFW Essentials.


So let’s be real; fashion week is both exciting and draining. There’s always one million things to do, shows to attend, people to meet, parties, outfit changes, updating social media 24/7… I mean, c’mon! It’s hard work people! By the third day, I’m already exhausted. It’s probably one of the most draining experiences every season, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. It’s my passion.

With all the fashion week chaos, it’s been hard for me to stay organized because I’m always on the go… running out the door early in the morning to catch a show, running back to my hotel to do an outfit change for my next show, hailing cabs (which btw, takes foreverrr during this time of season, pretty annoying), to having quick meetings and impromptu little photoshoots in between everything.

If it weren’t for a few of my go-to essentials this nyfw, I probably wouldn’t have survived it quite smoothly as I did. Check below to see what I packed and how it helped!

Update: I wrapped up my last day of NYFW yesterday, whew! I have a full day tomorrow of just playing tourist in the city! So excited.. any recommendations of things to do? let me know! xo


Earphones: Kept me entertained while I rode in the cabs between shows or to my hotel, plus they look cool on- an accessory statement!

Sony Xperia Z tablet: Such a life saver!! Made the biggest difference this nyfw season having it… read over next photo for more details below.

Necklaces: I tried to always carry a couple of bold pieces with me just incase i might need to layer or switch them off.

Sunglasses: I’m obsessed with sunglasses, I’ve built quite the collection back home. For fashion week, I ended up always carrying two pairs with me because I never knew when I needed to switch them out and photograph a different look.

Wallet: Always comes with me everywhere I go. It’s the perfect size.

Watch: If I didn’t have it on me, I had it in my purse to help me obviously be on time with my shows/meetings.

Bandaids: Let’s face it, my feel can’t stand wearing heels for one week straight non-stop, especially in this New York cobblestone streets and all. I always carried bandaids with me to help me with any woes.

Makeup: Tried not to carry a big makeup bag because it does get heavy, so I only took with me my favorite Laura Mercier lipstick, powder and perfume.


This Sony Xperia Z tablet (which btw is super thin, light-weight AND waterproof!!!…. yeaaaah!) was a total life saver in helping me get by and stay organized. It helped me stay on top of my appointments/shows with the calendar, was great for taking notes, updating my social platforms, great for uploading photos, posting on instagram, and listening to the walkman when I had free time or in between shows. It was the perfect accessory for such a hectic but fun week of fashion events! The table fit right in while always helping me stay on top of everything!

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Fun Friday Finds // Travel Essentials



Traveling has really been something I always wanted to do and luckily I’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to travel all around and explore the world through my lens. So, since traveling is a huge part of my job, I always need to be prepared with the right travel essentials. It makes traveling that much better… and stylish!

You guys requested to see different content on my blog and traveling was the most requested topic! I thought it would be a great way to show you guys what my travel essentials are but also give you an idea of what to focus on your next trip!

1. CAMERA STRAP: I recently purchased a couple of camera straps because I wanted to accessorize my camera; I hated the standard one it comes with. This little strap makes all the difference; you’ll look stylish and your shoulders won’t suffer!
2. CARRY-ON LUGGAGE: Invest in a cool carry-on; chances are you’ll be judged by the carry-on you carry…carry-ons are the new “it” bags! 
3. SNEAKERS: Everytime I travel, I always wear sneakers. I need to be comfortable while I juggle around a few bags and luggages! Plus, I always recommend taking a pair of sneakers to your traveling destination.. you don’t know if you might need them! Gym? A lot of walking? Emergency?
4. JOURNAL: It’s always nice to write down any ideas, inspiration, quotes, or illustrations while you’re traveling! It’s helpful too to have so you can write down tips, directions, sightseeing places.
5. SUNGLASSES: Traveling can be stressful- sometimes I don’t have time to wear makeup, so hiding behind a cool pair of sunglasses is key! Plus, they come in handy when i forget to bring my eye mask then I’ll just wear my shades & fall asleep on the flight..so good.
6. WATCH: You need to be on time or else you’ll miss your flight! Always wear a cool one.
7. EYE MASK: It’s necessary, especially during 10+ hour flights!
8. PASSPORT COVER: Show some love to your passport! Invest in a nice cover; if you travel a lot, it’s worth it and its easy access to your passport, plane tickets, credit cards, ID.
9. HEADPHONES: I always carry mine when I travel; I love to plug in my favorite music, read a magazine and jam to my songs! Helps me block all the noise too…loud kids? annoying conversations?
10. DUFFLE: I absolutely love my Clare Vivier duffle bag; it’s the perfect bag for traveling. My laptop, camera, wallet, and all other essentials fit!
11. BRUSH SET: I recommend buying a brush set specifically for when you travel; it will make your life easier!

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]1. Camera Strap / Club Monaco
2. Carry-on Luggage (smaller version here) / Tumi
3. Sneakers / Superga
4. Journal / Kate Spade
5. Sunglasses / Acne
6. Watch / Nixon
7. Eye Mask / Mary Green
8. Passport Cover / Pierre Hardy
9. Headphones / Bose
10. Duffle Bag (more colors here) <- I have the navy blue with my initials! / Clare Vivier
11. Brush Travel set / Sonia Kashuk[/do]



Finally a make-up post! I was constantly getting asked through emails and comments about the make-up
I wear daily, so you guys asked, I delivered! Hope this answers most of your questions, if not, feel free to email me! 
*Most of you were interested in knowing why my cheeks always have a natural glow to them…well the trick is to add a highlight on the apples of your cheeks once your powder and blush are set in. I recommend the one above by MAC, but I also use Jane Be Pure Mineral bronzer in 30 Golden Dust (buy at the drugstore) or for something really inexpensive try Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Shimmer Shimmer Dust in White Lotus, $3.
Hope this was helpful and I’m planning on doing these more often, so if you want to know anything
let me know! Planning one on my hair since you guys always ask!
Stay tuned!
*Happy News: Was featured on NYLON blog yesterday as the Site of the Day! Wooooo-hoo!
Thank you guys for all your positive support and comments on my MANGO post!