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Romantic Ballerina

Perfect combination of sweet + tough; a good pair of studded converse makes all the difference.
Sneakers: DIY Converse | Skirt: Leyendecker c/o Dietch PR | tee: random 

Pranced around in this super gorgeous tulle skirt by LA based brand, Leyendecker! 
 Fell in love with it as soon as I saw it and knew instantly I would pair it with some studded
 sneakers and a tee- ya know for a more fun, quirky look.

Halloween is around the corner and I have yet to decide what I’ll be dressing up as, any cool
ideas guys? Help me!


Miu Miu.

Dress: Rubber Ducky

Last night I attended the Miu Miu party with my girl Aimee and her lovely sister Dani! 
We had soooo much fun and were a little stars struck from seeing a few celeb beauties!
We were dancing, speaking in british accent and being silly alllll night!
Definitely a night to remember!

Dani and I were teaching Aimee how to talk in slang; she had no idea what me and Dani were
talking about at times so we had to fill her in. So cute!

ps- keep getting asked about my small pendant necklace; My mom gave it to me and she
got it from her thrift store!


Beach Brites.

Necklace: Fallon, gifted by Polyvore | Tee: Vintage | Lipstick: Wet’nWild 511B | Chain bracelet: Banana Republic | Friendship bracelets: American Eagle + Mexico

Spent my weekend over at the beach since the weather was absolutely beautiful. Wanted to wear bright colors hence my crazy pink lipstick 
(in photos it’s not as pink as it was in person!) and pranced around,  doing cartwheels on the sand, 
soo fun!. 
Sometimes bright colors can really cheer you up and make you feel young again.
photos by: asubtleapproach*