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On the dot.

Blazer: Thrifted // Polka dot blouse: gift from sister // Skinny jeans: Kova&T // boots: vintage 
bag: Marc Jacobs
A running-errands-type of outfit. As you all know, these are my favorite boots of allll time
 (in Kanye’s voice), 
They’re all banged up now but it adds much more character to them.
Anyway, I do love getting my nails done and I finally tried the gel nails. OMG, addicted!
It’s a little on the pricey side but they totally make a difference. For those of you who don’t
know what it is, it’s a gel polish that makes your polish stay for about 2 weeks and
maybe some extra days without chipping. It has this shiny look to them too that lasts! love em!
Totally recommend them, but a few people on twitter were letting me know not to do
the gel nails so often because it tends to weaken your nails, so that’s good to know!
Have you tried them?
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The winner for the giveaway is comment #198! Neekoh from livelovela.net! 
Thank you again to everyone who entered!

This photo was from a couple of weeks ago when I was invited to a pre-grammy party.
It was a lot of fun and even though I was bummed because my girls, Natalie  and Dylana ,
 didn’t make it to the party that night, Urrrrshhherr made it up for it since he performed for
 an hour! Ah, took me back to my youngin’ days! I’m an R&B junkie, fyi.
Dress: French Connection