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One Sided.

Blouse: gifted Hallelu | Shorts: gifted ByCorpus | Denim jacket: Vintage Levi’s

Oh summer! How I love you! 
So a few years back, I wasn’t much of a summer girl…I much preferred fall or spring because
I felt like it was much easier to get dressed in. Summer always had me worrying about being 
all sweaty, my makeup getting all oily or constantly wearing 
shorts (not that that’s a bad thing!) but my legs would get too tanned.
The last couple of years though I’ve been enjoying the summer quite a lot; it’s even
 become one of my fave seasons now. 
The summer in Cali has especially been winning my heart over with its’ gorgeous blue skies, 
light breezes to keep you cool, 
palm trees that make out a rad backdrop and the perfect warm temperatures. 
Summer days like these call for:
pretty one sided blouses, 
floppy hats, 
different color sunglasses, 
wearing sandals,
short shorts, 
bright lipstick colors, 
cold lemonades,
the beach,
windows rolled down and singing out loud,
picking up pretty flowers,
water balloon fights,
dying your hair lighter,
Ok you get the point! 
I love me some summer at the moment…. what do you love?


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So now that Summer is definitely beamin’ with its hot rays and all, I definitely stay fresh in a pair of sunnies. Bright lucite ones are definitely my pick for the summer, umm yes I still have to get me a pair, but in the meantime… I can just add them to my wish list. 
1. Perfect for NYC; they’re cool, chic and definitely has that NYC-I-don’t-care-kind of swag. 
Buy at LaGarconne
2. Sun bathin’ in MIAMI; reminds me of all the art deco colors in Miami, swoon.
 Buy at Opening Ceremony
3. Glamed up in L.A; Everything in L.A is pretty glam yet effortless…anything goes. We L.A folks 
are fllllyyyy, no lie.
Buy at LaGarconne .