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Gift Ideas with MK.

Since the holidays are literally around the corner, (where has time gone?) it’s time to really start thinking about gifts! As much as I love the holidays, I know it can get stressful  buying nice gifts for loved ones. The easiest thing to do is to make a list, give yourself a budget for each person and buy things you personally love.

Always splurge on the most important people- mom, dad, sister, brother. When I mean splurge, I mean like a nice watch,  a necklace they’ll be able to wear everyday, a fancy wallet (a wallet + watch says a lot about a person, so I always like to give those as gifts), just to name a few. Below are some of my picks to give as gifts.. can’t wait to start the holiday shopping!

Check out my other favorite picks over at Michael Kors… I can pretty much check off all the important women in my life from these picks! Score!


As part of their gift, I always try to give my sisters a watch every year. These are perfect as they’re classic yet feminine.


Perfect addition to any armswag! So ultra chic… I would give these to my best friends so we can all be matching!


Creme de la creme! This one would be perfect for my mom! Beautiful just like her.



Picked up a bunch of these cute turban headbands last week at F21; they’re life savers for when
i don’t know what to do with my hair, especially bangs. 
Wearing it up in a messy bun and adding the headband totally makes for a fun effortless up-do.

*excuse the last shot, I had to cover my face when I couldnt help myself from being shy and couldn’t stop laughing
 when a bystander kept looking at me while we shot these photos….awkwarrrrd. 

P.s getting my hair did this week, finally!
Also, do any of you have the Blackberry Playbook? Wanna know thoughts, been looking to
get it instead of the Ipad! Help!