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Summer in Winter.


I’ve always said that no matter where my next adventure is, LA always feels like home. One of the main reasons why I don’t see myself (although I’m completely open to the idea of living in Paris/Barcelona/New York! Heck yes!) living anywhere else is partly because LA has, hands down, the best weather. Right now, it feels like summer in winter and I’m not mad at that.

Sometimes I want to experience real fall or winter where I can dress accordingly and layer up, but at the end of the day I much rather be in a striped tee, bare legs and sandals.

Since it’s been feeling a lot like summer on my side, I’ve been on a flower and fruit craze. I sit outside my office in this cute wooden chair x table combo, take in the rays, eat fruit and work the day away! It’s the easiest way to get inspired.

Yesterday was the perfect example of that. How you you work and stay inspired during the winter?


I always have fresh flowers in the office; a trip to the farmer’s market or flower mart is one of my favorite things to do once or twice a week!


Strawberries are my favorite fruit… smoothies, desserts, or just by themselves. Nom.



Oaxaca, México / Diary One



Hola! I’m finally back from one of the most inspiring trips I’ve had in a while. It’s been over four years since I’ve visited my country, México, so I was extremely anxious and so excited to go back.

I don’t talk about where I’m from much here on the blog, but I was born in Durango, México and raised in Los Angeles. It’s the Northern part of México; in a small town where the weather is hot, dry and humid and we have one of the most successful soccer teams! The only memories that I have is when my parents would take my sisters and I to visit our hometown every summer for a month growing up. I always looked forward to every summer because I knew that I would see my family, eat amazing food, stay out late and have the time of my life. As I got older, things changed, we stopped going to México and my summers in México were non-existent. I have yet to go back to my hometown (which saddens me) but I was so excited to be invited to visit the beautiful state of Oaxaca.

Two of my wonderful friends, Bricia and Fernando Lopez, who own a successful Oaxacan  restaurant in Los Angeles called Guelaguetza (highly recommended!) invited us for a week long inspiration/culinary trip to Oaxaca. They took us around their home, their favorite places to eat, the mercado, places to shop, the cathedral, museum… I mean, the places were endless. I was completely enamored by the beauty of Oaxaca. I hadn’t seen anything like Oaxaca before… every corner was filled with charm, the bold colors of the houses reflected happiness, the food showcased their love for our culture, the art displayed passion and uniqueness, the people were humble and so welcoming. I was completely captivated and felt so inspired and proud to be Mexican.

It hadn’t even been a full day of our first day in Oaxaca and I didn’t want it to end. I was savoring every moment and really, for the first time, relaxing. My girl, Bricia (@bricialopez on instagram) planned a fun packed itinerary for the week that included a little bit of everything. I’m so thankful and happy I was able to visit this part of México, I left feeling completely inspired. Was definitely the perfect trip to wrap up the year.

Below are some photos from day one in Oaxaca. Enjoy!

UPDATE: The winner of the Aritiza giveaway is: Amalia #364

Thank you to everyone, who took the time to enter! i love you all. Will definitely have more giveaways so stay tuned!

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Blouse: Rebecca Taylor
Shorts: Anine Bing
Jacket:  Anine Bing
Sneakers: Converse[/do]


New York City Diary


I know NYFW was long gone, but I’m finally able to share my new york photos with you! It took forever to sort out but really, I had just forgotten about them. That stuff happens, you know.

Makes me reminisce about it all and and want to go back to NYC. Always so inspiring to be there! Enjoy the many, many photos!

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