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Love. Dream. Free.

 photography by: Emilio Sanchez
editing by: me
Thought I’d switch it up for today and post more artistic photos with inspirational 
sayings that I love and believe in.
I always get so many emails about girls wanting to follow their dreams
 but not knowing how to start.
the best advice I can give is to not be afraid to do what you love; just go out and get it. Be hungry.
It’s so cliche but its so true- if at first you don’t succeed, try again.. you will eventually get there.
Dream HUGE, take baby steps in working towards it and be passionate; don’t let 
no one (not even family/friends) tell you, you can’t do it. 
Hope you guys get inspired and believe in yourself!
(sorry for the cheesy-ness!)
I’m off to a fun video shoot later, will let you know more soon!