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Inspire Me.

Love all these photos.
Truly wonderful.

Now going back to my last post about Polyvore, 
there’s a lot of you that love it as much as I do!
its an amazing site, would love to see some of your guys’ sets.
Send over your display name!
Here is mine : jujubabyy28


Inspire Me.

Sorry for being M.I.A, school has got me drained!
Working on a window display for Life/After/Denim 
with my Visual Presentation class.
We are pretty damn excited, this is the first time
FIDM has teamed up with an actual brand to work with
a class. Fortunately for me, my team got picked to produce
our idea for their showroom window!
Will post pics when we start working on their window!
Stay tuned for an outfit post!