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My obsession with Instagram continues… here’s some photos of what I’ve been up to,
what I’ve been wearing, and everything in between!
 Follow me for major photo overload, HERE! (@sincerely_juless)
1. What’s in my clutch shot:
(fave vintage bracelet, Comme des Garcons wallet, makeup forever powder, MJ sunnies, Fossil watch, Givenchy mini perfume, Laura Mercier lipbalm, Blackberry Bold, Keel’s Simple Diary)
2. Adorable 80%20 leopard shoes with amazing tassel shoe laces!
3. Fish braid, fringe jacket + my ‘Knot’ ring, available HERE.
4. Beautiful sky + L.A palm trees
5. Dress shopping at Madewell (photography by Jennifer Young )
6. Shoes, shoes & more shoes! Workday at a photoshoot!
7. my vintage kelly!- all time fave.
8. Cap kind of day- L.A baby! (photos to come)
9. Dress over skinnies and flats <3
10. Pretty Lush blouse on Raych !

 Announcing winner for Sachin + Babi later today so stay tuned!


Love List.

A quick random post of a few of my favorite things lately:
1. Ipad 2- crazy addicted to this thing; can’t seem to put.it.dowwwwn, help!
2. Umami’s burgers! Fave? Truffle Burger…nom.
3. Been completely diggin’ Warby Parker lately; their sunnies are pretty rad but since
I wear prescription glasses, I’ve been pretty obsessed with their optical wear options-
they have a wide variety of cool frames.
Can’t wait to get my new pairs!
Happy weekend!