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Lu-ella, ella, ella.

Suede jacket: Luella for Target // Silk striped blouse: BDG // Shorts: Vintage // clutch: Balenciaga // Heels: Jil Sander
photos by: asubtleapproach*

Ok, two main things in this outfit. First, these shorts I scored two weeks ago have been my uniform.
Literally. They’re the coolest thing I own right now and I’ve been searching for cut-off shorts, some
that were super worn-in and rather baggy, for quite some time now so I’m glad I’m now able
to check that off my list. I’ve literally worn these shorts with heels, platforms, booties, wedges, sparkly tops, leather jackets,
military jackets…I mean, seriously with everything. I love how it adds a cool/effortless
 look to the outfit, and you guys know I’m all about cool + effortless.
Secondly, I had been also searching for some pointy-ish heels and the only ones I came
were the black suede Zara ones, but they didn’t really do it for me. So when I came
across these, I knew it was meant to be because the first time I saw them I wasn’t sure if I
should get them, when I went back a few times later, they didn’t have them anymore.
 I was a little disappointed but just moved on. I recently
went back again and they had them on sale!! Gah! That’s when I knew it was meant to be and I had to get them!
The pointy-ness of these is rather rounded at the tip which I
prefer a lot more than being super pointy! Now i can finally check that off my list as well…
ohhh the beauty of fashion!
ps How rad is this peachy suede jacket?