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Neon Bright.

Jacket: Martin + Osa | Sweatshirt: GAP | Sequin shorts: gifted Hallelu | Heels: Jil Sander | Bracelets: Top: from mexico, vintage and F21
I can definitely go from wearing basics to throwing on my fancy sequins shorts to freshen up my
mood + look for a whole new day.
You just have to do that sometimes, you know? Keeps things interesting…
and I love me some interesting.

Countdown for halloween continues and I have yet to decided what I’ll be…


Lucky 7.

It’s been a while since I did a Lucky7 favorites! So here are 7 things that are currently on my rotation, 
that I love or find inspiring:
1. Friendship bracelets- from American Eagle and Mexico
2. Absolutely love Essie nail polishes! Favorite right now: Sand Tropez (first one on the photo)
3. Gorgeous sequin blouse from Madewell, sigh.
4. My wall of inspiration is keeping me really inspired. At the moment: tribal prints, bold colors, floral vintage skirts and dress forms.
5. gifted Elly Clay zip clutch- soo dope.
6. Outfit I styled for a shoot; want/need this skirt!
7. My new Joie sandals! Summer, hurry up and arrive!