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Nat + Jules On Duty.

I took these shots of Natalie, while we waited for the photographer! This was my favorite
outfit I styled!! She’s so cute!

Had such a busy day yesterday! Worked on a photo shoot with the lovely Natalie from Natalieoffduty ,
she was the model, I did the styling (along with Melissa) and of course my girl Jadene did hair & make-up!
It was probably one of the best photo shoots I’ve done in a while because it was just sooooooooo much fun!!
we were planning over lunch a East Meets West party (not sure what 
that means yet, but just went with it) and a clothing swap party! oooh fun times!

Natalie and I checking out the photos I took above! Omg, we had the same hair along with jadene! It was so funny!