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Think Pink.

Dress: f21 | Boots: GAP | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Shades: MBMJ | Bracelets: vintage, ae, Jcrew 

This was my second day in NYC; I was on my way to a quick stop at a local deli in Soho for some lunch before I headed to an event.  It happened to be so hot this day that all you really wanted to wear was something really light because the humid hot weather was unbearable; hence this super light printed
dress- it was perfect. I picked up these booties earlier that day because I couldn’t bear to walk in my heels anymore so I made a quick stop at the gap and spotted these which were such a deal and oh-so-fly! Definitely will be in heavy rotation for the fall which by the way I’m so excited about, aren’t you?
Now that I’ve experienced my first nyfw,  I’ll definitely go a lot more prepared next time in regards to my 
footwear choices (like having an extra pair of flats in my bag is def a must), band-aid’s and other minor things. 
Anyway, will be posting regular outfits next week since my nyc outfit photos were super quick and not that many photos per outfit. That’s what happens when you’re in nyc, everything is just so fast paced.
see you on my next post!