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New York Fashion Week: Essentials

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner! After several years of attending Fashion Week, you kind of get the inside scoop on what you need. In the past I have had years where I packed too much and others that I didn’t pack any of the right essentials. The below are my absolute necessities and why I can’t live without them at NYFW.

NOTEBOOK AND PEN– You are going to always want to take notes on shows, street style, people you meet, and little hidden gems you find while exploring the city.

CAMERA & LENSES– These are probably the most important, and irreplaceable, things you can bring to Fashion Week. The photos you take are going to be worth a thousand words when you come home and years down the road. Having a few different lenses is a good idea, so you can switch them out depending on what you are shooting. You never want to regret not capturing a moment because you didn’t have the right lense. If you have a 5D or something similar, great! If not, a great point and shoot camera will work wonders. I like this one. For lenses, I stick to my 50mm 1.2 lense and a 24-70mm, some of the best lenses to shoot with.

CAMERA STRAP– This is kind of a no brainer. There are a lot of super cute and fun camera straps out there. Try and find one that suits you and your style, opposed to just a generic black one. Be sure it is strong enough to support your camera!

SUNNIES– You can never have enough sunglasses. Pack 3 pairs or pack 20 pairs. You won’t regret having daily options.

SHOES– Heels are a great idea, until you are trekking around the city and wanting to cut your feet off. You MUST bring a pair of shoes with you that can withstand lots of walking- I prefer a nice pair of flats or a colorful pair of sneakers. You can always wear your heels to shows/parties and switch out for flats when going to and from locations.

BAGS– I always makes sure to bring a small cross body and a tote. This is helpful when toting around extra shoes and your camera. It is good to have a cross body that works with your outfit, that way if you are in a photo you can put the tote down and still look put together.

PORTABLE CHARGER– SOOOO important! Don’t ever let your phone die!

JACKET– You want to be sure to have something over your shoulders just incase you get a little chilly. A denim jacket or a blazer is the perfect jacket for these moments.

WATCH– This is a great accessory that is visually great and so practical!

BUSINESS CARDS AND HOLDER– If you have cards, bring them! Fashion Week is a great time to meet and network with other people in the industry. You don’t ever want to have to write your name and number on a napkin.

BEAUTY MUST HAVES– 1.Facial mist will be your best friend when walking around. This will hydrate your skin, cool you down, and give you a nice glow. 2.Don’t forget a lip treatment!! Whether its something clear or something with a bit of a tint, you want to make sure you have something to constantly reapply throughout the day. 3.Travel sized perfume will definitely need to be in your bag. It is a great way to continuously freshen up. 4.Hand lotion will be your best friend! 5.Band-aids are also something to not leave your hotel room without. You never know when you might need one! Go with a cute color or pattern to make them more of a statement than an oopsie.

From Left to Right:

STELLA MCCARTNEY ‘fallabella’ crossbody bag 

MOLESKIN classic notebook 

CROSS CLASSIC ball point pen 

CANON ‘5D mark III’ camera 

PRADA ‘retro’ sunglasses 

L’OCCITANE shea butter hand cream 

MOPHIE ‘powerstation’ portable charger 

SFK deluxe camera strap 

BALENCIAGA ‘b.’ eau de parfum 

J.CREW band aids 

CANON ’50mm 1.4 usm’ camera lense 

BOBBI BROWN face mist 

BLK DNM ‘patch’ denim jacket  (similar here)

BUTTER LONDON quick top coat 

BALENCIAGA ‘cabas’ tote 

SOPHIA WEBSTER ‘bibi butterfly’ flats 

FRESH lip treatment 

SAINT LAURENT ‘lipstick’ card carrier 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘the slim’ watch 


New York City Diary


I know NYFW was long gone, but I’m finally able to share my new york photos with you! It took forever to sort out but really, I had just forgotten about them. That stuff happens, you know.

Makes me reminisce about it all and and want to go back to NYC. Always so inspiring to be there! Enjoy the many, many photos!

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my style

Camo x Lace.


One of my favorite things to do with my wardrobe is mixing different prints, textures and colors. Finding the right things to complement each other can be tricky so I try to work around one main thing I want to focus on. For this look, I wanted the camo pants to do all the talking so I knew I wanted everything else to be of a dark color palette so that the main focus was the pants.

Although black can be pretty boring at times, I figured the camo itself was already fun, bold and loud enough that a black blouse wouldn’t look too plain with the pants. Then, I thought a lace black blouse would be genius to go with it! It added some softness, texture and eclectic-ness to the overall look! The little details like the layered necklaces and fuchsia bag add the right amount of New York coolness!

For one of the shows I attended, I wore this outfit minus the boots! I wore this look with my studded valentino’s for more of a feminine look… I switched them out after I realized I had to walk for the remainder of the day! Oh the New York life- always have to carry an extra pair of flat shoes in my bag!

camolace2 camolace1 camolace5camolace11 camolace camolace4 camolace8

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Pants: J Crew
Blouse: Joie
Leather Jacket: Anine Bing
Necklace: Lionette + Asos
Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Boots: Balenciaga
Sunglasses: Sabre[/do]