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Morocco Diary.

Finally! My long overdue post featuring my photos from the beautiful Morocco where we visited Casablanca (to attend FestiMode Fashion Week!) and breathtaking Oualidia for a more relaxing time!
Morocco was definitely on my wish list of places to visit and I’m so thankful I was able to
¬†experience it; it’s truly a beautiful country with so much to offer.¬†
I’ll let my photos speak for themselves…
because a picture can say a thousand words.
Hopefully it won’t be my last time visiting..
thank you Caroline and everyone who made this trip possible!
Part I: The first set of photos are in Casablanca where fashion week was taking place and where we visited the markets, Mosque and had amazing city views!
Part II: These photos were taken in Oualidia, Morocco where it felt like paradise! Truly a spectacular gem where we really got to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hope you guys enjoyed these photos! And if you’re able to travel anywhere, I suggest booking a nice little getaway to morocco!¬†