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Forward Fashion Project, #3

Coat: Gryphon (Bib + Tuck) | Blouse: MYNE | Shorts: Johnson | Clutch: Claire Vivier | Sneakers: Jack Purcell Converse | Prescription Glasses: Warby Parker
Third round of Bib + Tuck’s Forward Fashion Project is up next and I got this pretty 
sick Gryphon coat to style up! Was pretty excited to wear this coat since I don’t have anything like it- it’s fresh, its cool and I knew I had to play with different patterns to make it more interesting.
The coat was perfect for the L.A weather we are having right now- between 70-80 degrees- it was light enough to cover me from the chilly breeze.
Since i’ve been on a sneaker marathon (forget the heels!), I decided to pair up my on-the-go look with my new Purcell’s to run around town in getting my errands done.
I love that it dresses down this whole look without it looking too simple.
To finish off the look, I threw on my fave glasses to wear for the whole day (not just to drive like I always do) and braided my hair- ended up taking off the braid because it just wasn’t doing it for me, 
it happens sometimes, right?
Stay tuned for round 4!


Pop of Orange.

Blouse: Alexa Chung for Madewell | Jeans: Current/Elliot | Heels: Jil Sander | Bag: Balenciaga | Flower: J.Crew

I’ve been so obsessed with this adorable neon orange flower-ish pin I picked up at J.Crew on
 sale for like for $6.
I just pin it and go; makes my blouses, denim jackets or canvas tote bags look extra cute! I got
a few other colors and I’ve been wearing them quite a lot. Definitely makes a pretty statement
with the nice pop of color for this hot summer! 

Gotta run! Gonna go shopping for a dining table and kitchen accessories with my parents! 


Street Style.

source: carolinesmode

Isn’t this outfit just amazing? Basic pieces that we all
have in our wardrobe…well maybe except for that awesome shoulder padded

what she’s wearing:
shoes + shirt- zara
bag- givenchy

Taking a trip to Zara after seeing that shirt on her!!!!!!