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Best of 2013 Looks.


It’s finally here-2014! The new year awaits us right before our eyes and I could not be any more excited and happier for this fresh new start for all of us. It was by far one of the best years I’ve experienced both personally and professionally. I challenged myself and went after things I thought I couldn’t accomplish. It was a year full of growth, learning, highs and lows, laughter, joy, disappointments… I mean, it was a little bit of everything. With all of the amazing highs I was blessed with, I also had to deal with a few obstacles/challenges/lows. I feel very proud for going through everything and pulling through because it has definitely help made me who I am right now.

I’m a bit more in tune with my feelings; I’m more confident, I believe in my dreams more, I love the people around me more than ever,  I’m challenging myself to be better at everything, I’m more open to things… the list goes on. It was definitely the year of growth and happiness.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being a constant source of inspiration to help keep me going  by reading your sweet comments, emails, letters or when I meet you in person. Thank you for following along and joining me on my little journey of style, travel, food and everything in between. Thank you for all the love and support you gave  me/ my blog/ my shop in 2013 and the years before- it means the world to have you right there with me. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking time out of your day to check in on my life! You guys are amazing and just remember, If I could follow my dreams and live out my dreams, YOU can too!! Don’t give up!

Wishing you a blessed 2014 full of health, prosperity, happiness, love, passion and success! May this year bring you everything you ever wished for and more… work hard + play harder! Dreams do come true- let 2014 be the beginning of that dream! Cheers!

See you in 2014…. love you all. x

ohh.. here’s a recap of some of my favorite looks of 2013… enjoy!

savvy321 beautifulodyssey1 venice12 tiedye red3 black1111 camo4 beach celine0 greylin www2 usalt2 tiedye11 tibi61 SUMMERHUES5 superbe4 barceloneta4 bcn_cupofcouple02 best2013_1 best2013_2 best2013_3 best2013_4 best2013_10 best2013_11 best2013_12 best2013 BW1 camo checkmate10 chic1 day2-10 velvet unif thebomb2 beach81 BEAULOVE3 camolace2 DVFWWW2 best2013_15 celfie3 ww stripes12-1 aeholiday4 allblack5 beau4.jpg_effected best2013_6 cali2 skater2 SEZANEFALL31 saucypan1 santamonica8 rspt3 rome8 red2 samba4 RFMN phyEd6 philliplim1 savvy10 phonebox parisday10 navy7.jpg_effected-001 missguided5.jpg_effected minimal1 miami15 magnifique3 miami madforplaid2 luxe9 cosdress6 citychic4 dallas3 dallas009 classic31 current4 dblues4 doit9 desertstop2 dwtn.jpg_effected diarynyc60 diarynyc42 elliott2 fall firenze5 FP8 green1 hideaway11 fuffly1 ilove3 fleamarket7 intogreen3 broadway3.jpg_effected best2013_8 independenceday8 layer9 lincoln love13 madewell1 toddlynn14 shinedesert2.jpg_effected mixup2 memorylane5 lifeofjules11 minimal1 day1-34.jpg_effected hideaway71 whitesummer thestandard5 leopard paristrip11 samba7

See ya 2013! BRING IT ON 2014- WE ARE READY!!!! xo


Style Looks: Shorts

(All images from Polyvore -Fave site btw!)
Time for some fresh new Style Looks! Had been meaning to work on new Style Looks but couldn’t decide what to focus on. Since it’s burnin’ hot here in the 
west coast, I figured I’d style up 3 different shorts in 3 different ways. We all need
some summer styling inspiration right?
Pick your fave and tell me where you would wear that outfit to!


Ready to Wear.

Having planned out outfits makes it so much easier in getting dressed when the weekend comes around and
 when you have certain events to go to…they’re ready-to-wear, literally.
I have a few things going on this weekend and decided to get ahead start and style some outfits for the weekend… So much fun! Makes me feel like I’m on Polyvore in my own wardrobe!
Outfit #1: 
details: gifted J Brand ‘Babe’ jeans | Zara striped tee | Jil Sander heels | 
Vintage Gucci bag | Ray Ban large aviators | Fossil watch | F21 necklace | Marc Jacobs perfume | Tubular bracelet from bcbgeneration
Outfit #2: 
details: William Rast blouse | American Eagle cardigan | H&M skirt | F21 necklace | Zara scarf | Alexander Wang bag | YSL Parisienne perfume | Ray Bans shades
Can’t decide which outfit to wear tonight to the Mango event my lovely friend Natalie (natalieoffduty) is hosting! Help!.