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Dear Paris.


Finally!! So happy I can finally share my travel diary of my amazing trip to Paris a couple of months ago… (i know sorry! It took forever to sort through the photos, etc!).

I won’t type too much so that you can just enjoy the photos but want to say that Paris is a beautiful city full of life. I definitely kept back feeling inspired by the long walks, the beautiful ornate buildings, the sunsets, the cute cafes everywhere, the energy, the abundance of macaroons and amazing views of just about anything. This trip would not have been possible without some of my best friends: Betty and Mathieu.

Thank you B&M for taking care of me and Temoc and showing us what real Paris has to offer. It has been one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had and it’s all because of you guys! I love you so much and can’t wait to see you and plan our next trip!

Enjoy these photos of some of my favorite things in Paris!

Also huge thank you to some other friends: Morgane of the amazing brand Sézane for having us in her showroom (Morgane- i love you and I’m sooooo happy for all your success and the new addition!) , JC from Lacoste for showing us a good time, Thierry and Marine from Lancaster Paris for always being awesome friends and so funny and the lovely people at Maison Standards!

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Pop of Red.


One of my last outfits from Paris! Sad these photos are coming to an end, but excited to share my final photo diary from Paris!

We visited the most charming little street (Rue Crémieux) filled with colorful flats! It was definitely one of my favorite hidden gems to visit.. it was a total instagram worthy shot!

Stay tuned as I finally wrap up photos from Paris! Yay!

Have a happy monday!

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[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Leather jacket: Maje
Leather skirt: Maje
Flats: Alexander Wang (heel version)
Bag: Vintage Gucci[/do]

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Layered Up.


Another look from my lovely trip to Paris! On this day, we decided to visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Paris which is in the highest point of the city! It was a little journey to get there, but it was well worth the hills and all the walking once we got to the top because the view was incredible. The town which is called, Montmartre, was one of my favorite towns to visit on this trip. It was a charming little town filled with restaurants cafes and so many people just hanging out.

I got the goosebumps a couple of times because it felt a bit surreal to know that a few of my favorite artists like, Picasso, Monet, Van Gogh and Mondrian (to name a few), worked out of their studios in Montmartre! So cool! It definitely felt like a little town full of artists. Highly recommend taking a little day trip to Montmartre!

The weather turned out to be quite nice this day but I still layered up a bit just in case it got chilly during the evening. I scored this awesome Maje leather jacket in Paris at their Maje discounted stores.. ugh, wish they had those in the states! I paired it with my all-time favorite fanny back (i know, i know… you’re thinking fanny pack? really?) … well YES! I love them and they are completely convenient when you’re traveling, I swear. Especially when you’re sightseeing, the last thing I want to worry about it is lugging around a huge handbag! That’s not fun.

Anyway, hope you guys enjoy this layered look! Remember to keep it simple with basics!

Oh and thank you guys for cheering me on about my last post. I will keep going strong thanks to you guys! xxx

parisstreet leopardfannypackleopardfannypackparisparisleopard.jpg_effected-001leopardfannypack

[do action=”rstyle-post-links”]Coat: J Crew (old)
Leather jacket: Maje
Fanny pack: Clare Vivier
Tee: Vintage tee ( Jcrew grey tee or Madewell grey tee)
Skirt: Asos leather skirt
Denim wrap-around: Madewell
Sneakers: Vans Checkered slip ons
Sunglasses: Ray Ban black aviators
Lipstick: Lipstick Noir[/do]