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Pool Side.

Bandeau top: gifted Quiksilver | Skirt: a&f | Sunglasses: Ray Ban 

Over the weekend, I went with my girl to her friends pool party where they offered facial + massages (my kind of party btw
which was the perfect way to start off the weekend. 
I was looking forward to getting a massage, since it’s been much
 needed, but unfortunately I was enjoying laying out pool side, the cool breeze, dippin’ my 
toes in the pool and taking 10 minute naps in between that I totally missed getting one. { bummer
Still enjoyed the gorgeous weather, conversation + my wine cooler! Btw, I love bandeau top bathing
suits; they’re PERFECT for even tanning!

Oh, got soooooo many emails yesterday and comments regarding the Lush blouse from my last post!
I purchased it at a small clothing store in L.A, they don’t have a website so I don’t know where
you guys can purchase it online. If you live in LA, then go to the Santee Alley and you’re sure
to find it there in any of the stores there. If I come across a site that carries it, I will post it
on the blog! Thank you guys for all the sweet comment on yesterdays post!
p.s Say hi to my half-smile! Many of you always ask why I never smile showing my teeth in my photos…
I don’t know, I just love showing my teeth when it’s more of a candid shot, it feels more
natural to me, you know?


Miu Miu.

Dress: Rubber Ducky

Last night I attended the Miu Miu party with my girl Aimee and her lovely sister Dani! 
We had soooo much fun and were a little stars struck from seeing a few celeb beauties!
We were dancing, speaking in british accent and being silly alllll night!
Definitely a night to remember!

Dani and I were teaching Aimee how to talk in slang; she had no idea what me and Dani were
talking about at times so we had to fill her in. So cute!

ps- keep getting asked about my small pendant necklace; My mom gave it to me and she
got it from her thrift store!




Quick post from last night….
Last night I attended a launch party for Shareens Vintage’s new tv show that my good buddy Karla from Karla’s Closet invited me to!
Best part of the night was our hilarious/random conversations- we always have the best convos.
oh fun fact: We’re both from Durango, Mexico! 
ps- love her YSL envelope clutch!