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In the bag.

I’ve always been intrigued by what other girls carry in their pursey-purse. I usually like to carry
a handbag that is biiiiiiiig enough to carry everything and anything. 
Here’s a peek of what I carry in my everyday bag:
(not shown: my make-up bag, car keys and other small things.)
1. Bag: Alexander Wang Millie in tan; Absolutely one of my fav bags I own, it has so many compartments!
2. Bumble & Bumble BB Shine On finishing spray; I love using this to give my hair an instant pretty looking shine and my best of all? Smells amazeeeeeee. 
3. Grey Ant Kenny sunglasses in brown; They’re the perfect oversize glasses.
4. Friendship bracelets; Whether I have them stacked on my wrist or stored in my purse, I always carry them because the bright colors always keep me inspired. 
5.  Fossil gold watch; can’t seem to take this watch off, i like that it’s not too big or too small, just right for my skinny wrist.
6. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume; Best on-the-go perfume! 
7. Love & Beauty F21 blotting papers; I have oily skin so I have to constantly be blotting my face! Love the cute print on these! 
8. NARS  Illuminator in Super Orgasm; I’m all about having a nice glow, especially in my cheeks!
 This NARS illuminator is magic, it’s so perfect! I love dabbing some on my shoulders too whenever I wear a sleeveless blouse! 
9. Comme Des Garcons wallet; I love anything CdG and this wallet fits everything; business cards, credit 
cards, dolla dolla bills, checkbook, pen and even my blackberry! 
10. Express horn necklace; can’t live without this necklace! Always carry it in my purse even if I’m not wearing it that day. 
11. Visine; My eyes tend to get dry a lot and whenever I wear a lot of mascara they get red too, so this is my eyes saver! 
12. BlackBerry Curve; Obsessed with my BB, love having everything in the palm of my hands- email, web, twitter, my fav blogs, pandora, GPS and of course my addiction, BBM!
13. Blow Pop; I have such a sweet tooth, so I always carry some sort of candy in my bag! Blow Pops, starburst, mints, gum, skittles!
14. FIDM business card holder; Always carry my business cards and I love this metal case, it keeps them safe and organize! Was a gift from FIDM.
15. Flip video cam (gifted); I love carrying this just incase I need to document something while I’m out and about! 
16. Comme des Garcons coin purse; I told you I love CdG! My quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies look so pretty in this coin purse!
17. Rosebud Salve; I like to keep this with me because I hate having chapped lips!
18. Bobby Pins; They’re always laying around in my purse because sometimes I like to pull my bangs to the side or put my hair up in a bun.
19. Moleskine  notebook + Pens; Gotta have my paper at hand to write down my to-do lists, inspirations, ideas etc.


Side Swept.

Polka dot blouse: Vintage // black silk top: Old Navy // Skinny jeans: Current//Elliott // Wedges: Sam Edelman // Bag: A.Wang

As you can see, I’ve been trying to wear my hair differently hence the ‘no bangs’ lately.
Maybe I was just getting tired of them or maybe I just wanted to let my forehead breathe for a bit?
They’re a bit long right now, so I don’t know if I should let them grow out or not, I guess I just
gotta get in the mood again of wearing them down, for now though I like it this way!
January is almost over, *tear, tear! But VERY excited for February to arrive! Have some
coooool news next week for you guys that I can’t wait to share! Also, it’s my blog’s 2 yrs
birthday/anniversary- whatever you call it-! So, I gotta go out with a BANG, soo I will
have a cool giveaway to celebrate and maybe some other cool posts relating to my 2yrs!
So keep checkin!


SF Diary.

Photos from the weekend in SF.
Beautiful weather, delicious food, amazing places and the perfect company.

*Happy News: While in SF, I was featured in MyFashionDataBase blog, it was such a
sweeeeet write up, so flattered to be called “the epitome of California coolness…” !!!
Thank you everyone at MyFDB!
Have a big announcement to make soon! stay tuned!