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In the bag.

I’ve always been intrigued by what other girls carry in their pursey-purse. I usually like to carry
a handbag that is biiiiiiiig enough to carry everything and anything. 
Here’s a peek of what I carry in my everyday bag:
(not shown: my make-up bag, car keys and other small things.)
1. Bag: Alexander Wang Millie in tan; Absolutely one of my fav bags I own, it has so many compartments!
2. Bumble & Bumble BB Shine On finishing spray; I love using this to give my hair an instant pretty looking shine and my best of all? Smells amazeeeeeee. 
3. Grey Ant Kenny sunglasses in brown; They’re the perfect oversize glasses.
4. Friendship bracelets; Whether I have them stacked on my wrist or stored in my purse, I always carry them because the bright colors always keep me inspired. 
5.  Fossil gold watch; can’t seem to take this watch off, i like that it’s not too big or too small, just right for my skinny wrist.
6. Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne perfume; Best on-the-go perfume! 
7. Love & Beauty F21 blotting papers; I have oily skin so I have to constantly be blotting my face! Love the cute print on these! 
8. NARS  Illuminator in Super Orgasm; I’m all about having a nice glow, especially in my cheeks!
 This NARS illuminator is magic, it’s so perfect! I love dabbing some on my shoulders too whenever I wear a sleeveless blouse! 
9. Comme Des Garcons wallet; I love anything CdG and this wallet fits everything; business cards, credit 
cards, dolla dolla bills, checkbook, pen and even my blackberry! 
10. Express horn necklace; can’t live without this necklace! Always carry it in my purse even if I’m not wearing it that day. 
11. Visine; My eyes tend to get dry a lot and whenever I wear a lot of mascara they get red too, so this is my eyes saver! 
12. BlackBerry Curve; Obsessed with my BB, love having everything in the palm of my hands- email, web, twitter, my fav blogs, pandora, GPS and of course my addiction, BBM!
13. Blow Pop; I have such a sweet tooth, so I always carry some sort of candy in my bag! Blow Pops, starburst, mints, gum, skittles!
14. FIDM business card holder; Always carry my business cards and I love this metal case, it keeps them safe and organize! Was a gift from FIDM.
15. Flip video cam (gifted); I love carrying this just incase I need to document something while I’m out and about! 
16. Comme des Garcons coin purse; I told you I love CdG! My quarters, dimes, nickels and pennies look so pretty in this coin purse!
17. Rosebud Salve; I like to keep this with me because I hate having chapped lips!
18. Bobby Pins; They’re always laying around in my purse because sometimes I like to pull my bangs to the side or put my hair up in a bun.
19. Moleskine  notebook + Pens; Gotta have my paper at hand to write down my to-do lists, inspirations, ideas etc.


Side Swept.

Polka dot blouse: Vintage // black silk top: Old Navy // Skinny jeans: Current//Elliott // Wedges: Sam Edelman // Bag: A.Wang

As you can see, I’ve been trying to wear my hair differently hence the ‘no bangs’ lately.
Maybe I was just getting tired of them or maybe I just wanted to let my forehead breathe for a bit?
They’re a bit long right now, so I don’t know if I should let them grow out or not, I guess I just
gotta get in the mood again of wearing them down, for now though I like it this way!
January is almost over, *tear, tear! But VERY excited for February to arrive! Have some
coooool news next week for you guys that I can’t wait to share! Also, it’s my blog’s 2 yrs
birthday/anniversary- whatever you call it-! So, I gotta go out with a BANG, soo I will
have a cool giveaway to celebrate and maybe some other cool posts relating to my 2yrs!
So keep checkin!