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Refinery29 + Neiman Marcus.

 shopping the shoe department and swooning over the Loub’s.
 Trying out pretty lipstick colors at the cosmetic department before I finally decide on the perfect bordeaux lip shade!
Was totally diggin’ this Stella McCartney clutch- perfect for my chic-grungy looks!
 Photos via Refinery29 by Justin Coit

I teamed up with Refinery29 in Los Angeles a few weeks back for a fun shopping date at
Neiman Marcus. Not only was it exciting to shop for some of my must-have items on my wishlist but 
it was also exciting because they now accept Visa + Mastercard– ooooooooh yes! 
(My wallet will definitely kill me for it though, oh well!)
Definitely the perfect shopping date, for sure.
 Check out the rest of the feature + photos at Refinery29, HERE.
Big thanks to Kate Mulling + Taylor Barringer from Refinery29 +
photographer Justin Coit for such an amazing shoot!


Double Fringe.

Fringe jacket: Lumiere | leather shorts: kill city | blouse: H&M | bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | boots: Proenza Schouler | Sunglasses: MBMJ

Producer/Journalist: Bri Beverly
Photographer: 217

These set of photos are from my photo shoot with Gisele magazine last month! So 
excited to finally share them! 
This was one look out of 4 that we did and this is actually my favorite out of the 3 
just because it’s feels really “me”, plus I’m wearing some of my favorite things
 like: fringe, leather, sheer + fall colors. 

The looks were fall inspired outfits; fortunately for  LA folks we still get some warmth 
throughout our fall season so I’m still able to wear shorts or skirts! 
Stay tuned for the rest of my fall outfits!



I had a photo shoot today with Foam Magazine that I had been soo excited about! 
 The whole team + the chosen bloggers were so much fun to be around with; I got to be part of it with my lovely friend 
Natalie from NatalieOffDuty,  
Erica & Lauren from HonestlyWTF,  Rumi from FashionToast  and
 Geri from Because Im Addicted ! I wasn’t able to take that many behind-the-scene 
shots because we were so busy constantly shooting that
 I couldn’t sneak in a break! These will have to do for now! 
1. Yours truly taking a pic of Nat
 2. Natalie and I in her car after the shoot
3. Still in the car…
4. Snapshots of the girls; I’m on the top left hand side.
5. Nat & Rumi chillin’ by the pool
6. Adorable swan lifesaver
7. Delish burger for lunch
Ps. Soooooo bummed Natalie is moving to NYC tomorrow morning. I’m going to miss her so much; we’ve been lucky to have done several things together through blogging and she’s become one good friend now! I’m beyond happy/excited for her new venture, I will definitely miss her though!