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Style Looks: Shorts

(All images from Polyvore -Fave site btw!)
Time for some fresh new Style Looks! Had been meaning to work on new Style Looks but couldn’t decide what to focus on. Since it’s burnin’ hot here in the 
west coast, I figured I’d style up 3 different shorts in 3 different ways. We all need
some summer styling inspiration right?
Pick your fave and tell me where you would wear that outfit to!


Style Looks.

Wanted to scream out loud when I woke up to an email from the style director of Refinery29 saying that I was
 featured on Refinery29 for their 5 Fashion Bloggers to Watch! I was beyond ecstatic, we’re allll big fans of 
Refinery therefore this is soo special to me! Gona take my time to savor this lovely moment and want to say 
a special thank you to Piera and the whole Refinery team! 
With that being said, they mentioned a lil’ sumthin’-sumthin’ on my Style Looks so I thought I’d make some
new ones to celebrate! 
p.s Style Look #3 is waaaay to funky, a lot of different prints going on but it definitely has
that cool Olsen feel… gonna try and make this outfit with my own wardrobe!


thanks for all the love to all my lovely followers and a warm Welcome to all the new ones I’ve made, HI!!!!