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California Breeze.

Blouse: c/o Hallelu | Shorts: Vintage Lee | Wedges: Chinese Laundry | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

Today is the day! I’m off in a couple of hours to get my hair done and I couldn’t be more excited!
It’s much needed.
I need some more lighter ends in the back and want them to start a little higher…
we’ll see what I decide when I’m on the chair though, always changing my mind last minute.
Hopefully I can snap some photos while I’m there! 
I know I get tons of emails regarding my hair and people wanting
to know what to tell their stylist regarding the kind of technique used to do my hair or the color,
so I will ask my stylist today for you guys! 
Leave a comment and let me know what you want me to ask her.
I will be replying through my twitter live (so follow me) as well as posting the answers here!
So ask away…btw, I cut/trim my own bangs for people that were wondering.
I’ll see you guys in the next post with my new hair! 


Into Pleats.

Dress: c/o Hallelu | Plaid shirt: F21 | Military Jacket: c/o Volcom | Wedges: Chinese Laundry | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim

This dress seemed a lil’ too fancy for me so I had to throw on a plaid shirt + military jacket to make
it a little more grunge-y chic, a lil’ more “me.”

*warning: I’ve been wearing these wedges NON-STOP, so excuse the overload of wear in any future outfit posts, just a heads up! :)

Got many questions/comments/emails on my eyebrows; will try and answer some
questions and do a post of what I use!


Longed for You.

Denim shirt: All Saints | Dress: F21 | Wedges: Chinese Laundry | Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

Basic colors make for a perfect outfit; sometimes keepin’ it simple is the way to go.
Got these suede wedges the day before I left for Vegas and I can’t seem to stop wanting to wear them.
The price was good too; I suggest gettin’ a pair.
I’ve always longed for a denim/chambray shirt but never found the perfect one besides
borrowing my sisters; found this one at All Saints in LV for 50% off; definitely fulfilled my requirements.
p.s Planning on doing a ShowMeGirl post; so let me know the kind of things you will like me
to show you how-to do! Can be hairstyles, make-up, beauty tips, etc.