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Lovers & Friends for Revolve Clothing.


Very thrilled to share these photos and announce my collaboration with you guys as it’s been hard to keep it away from you! I partnered up with my good friends from Lovers & Friends to design three t-shirts (the ICON, AMOUR and Born to Chill designs) inspired by all things army/camo exclusively for Revolve Clothing as well as styled the pieces and modeled for the lookbook. It was such a fun experience getting to design tshirts for a brand that you love; it was actually pretty surreal because it’s my first design collaboration that is in line with what the SJ brand does, tshirts!

Take a look at the lookbook images that we shot a couple months ago and make sure to browse the collection to see all the other military inspired pieces HERE! I hope you guys love the tees I designed as well as all of the collection! It’s definitely perfect for fall.

Which look is your favorite?

Enjoy! Check back in because there’s a fun giveaway coming up with this collaboration!

All pieces are available exclusively at Revolve Clothing gijules1 gijules6 gijules9 gijules3 gijules7 gijules2


Mickey, you’re so fine!

t’shirt: vintage // necklaces: vintage + f21
photos: asubtleapproach
Such a big fan of (vintage) tshirts especially when worn with chunky layered necklaces for
some instant bling-bling. This shirt is as old as it gets, it is literally falling apart but c’mon it just
looks that much more better. Dressing up tees are so much fun for me because it doesn’t take
that much effort. I have several cool tshirts but this mickey one is definitely that one shirt I would
hate to lose.
p.s my dentist appointment went well, my pain is finally gone but I did have to get a root canal, ouch.
thanks for the warm wishes.
(READ MORE on the left to see how to get this look)

photo of mary-kate via google
Hope you guys have fun next time you wear your favorite t-shirt and add some glam-ness to it
with some layered necklaces!
My look was definitely inspired by mary-kate although
I’m missing one more necklace on mine, there should be one more that’s chunkier and bigger to balance
out the two other small ones, oh well!
Will try and have this COPYCAT post from now on, where I’ll copy or shall I say get inspired from
 a certain look/style/outfit of 
a celebrity but add my own flavor to it!