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Sunday Mornings.


My sunday mornings always consist of:

  • waking up late
  • drinking a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice
  • flippin’ through old & new magazines for inspiration
  • having pancakes or chilaquiles (mexican dish) for breakfast
  • every other sunday, painting my own nails

What do your sunday mornings usually consist of? I wanna know!

I also wanted to keep you guys up to date on a couple of things:

  • My bloglovin’ account finally works (yay!)… with the switch over to wordpress, my post weren’t coming up, it’s finally fixed so follow me HERE. (makes following all your favorite blogs so much easier! )
  • Not sure if you guys knew, but I love tumblr! So follow my tumblr, The Coveted Muse… tons of inspiration!
  • Lastly, my tees on my shop are constantly sold out, but you can shop them over at Shopbop. They have SJ exclusives and will always have stock!



I’m kinda excited that I just opened a Tumblr
 It will be filled with random things that I find intriguing.
it will be a scrapbook of all things
Check it our HERE.
Tell me what you think.
P.S Im not familiar with Tumblr yet, but if any of you know
how to put a code to display comments, or my information like
email, etc. let a sista know!