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VS Angel.

Yesterday afternoon, I attended the Victoria Secret Tea Party with VS Angel Lindsay Ellingson to check out her new line of perfume and bras called Gorgeous’ . 
It was the prettiest tea party I’ve ever been to with an intimate group of 5 other bloggers and Lindsay;
 we chatted about fashion, blogging, her career as an Angel and her favorite things she loves doing. 
Had so much fun meeting her (soooooooooo sweet and down-to-earth) and snackin’ on the delicious
pastries! We then headed to the Grove to finish the evening shopping at the Victoria Secret store!
I picked up a few items that I had been meaning to get; never really realized what big of a difference a good bra can make. 
P.s Woke up feeling a little sick today, so hopefully I can get back into my groove tomorrow.