the Perfect coffee date!

· Echo Park. January 31, 2018

Kevin and I always go on cute dates- whether we are on the road or back home, we always make sure to go on our little dates to make sure we are spending special time without our phones, or working or at home. When we are home, we enjoy doing several things from going hiking, to discovering new restaurants on our date or even doing a little flea market shopping. It really all depends on what we are in the mood for. These last couple of dates, we’ve been pretty swamped with work and other exciting things we are working on, and haven’t had a proper date for us to enjoy.

Instead of planning a fun, exciting date, we decided to take it back to a good ol’ coffee date where he can enjoy his favorite black coffee + croissant and I can enjoy a mocha latte. Something about a coffee date seems so relaxing, simple and comfortable. Its not about getting dressed up, wearing your tallest heels or putting on a lot of makeup, it feels more about genuinely enjoying each others company while having an intimate conversation- not worrying about anything else but that! Something we both enjoying having to help bring us down from all the crazy, chaos from work!

A coffee date with your loved one, or even a girlfriend, can be so fun and therapeutic… we tend to forget the simplest ways to connect and coffee dates is one of them. For our last date before we traveled to our current destination, we headed to our local coffee shop where of course he got his usual and I switched it up to a white chocolate… we got cozy and talked about all the beautiful things and places we wanna do together. It has been my favorite easy going thing we’ve done in while!

He gave me a sweet compliment on how pretty I looked day with what I was wearing and loved my Cluse La Roche watch because he said it complimented my style perfectly- I would definitely agree on the watch too! The rose-gold with marble is the perfect combo to have on your wrist! Its so pretty when it’s layered with other bracelets too!

What is your favorite kind of date with your loved one? Share ideas!


CLUSE La Roche Petite Mesh Rose (it’s so pretty!)

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  2. Carrie Colbert says:

    This is a brilliant date idea! So easy and fun. You guys are such a cute couple More Color please, Carrie CarrieColbert.com

  3. Keri says:

    Sooo adorable! I love going on coffee dates with my boyfriend too hehe Enclothed Cognition

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  5. Natali says:

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  8. Briana says:

    There is something so simple and fun about just sitting and getting a coffee! Briana https://beyoutifulbrunette.com/

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  13. Shloka says:

    Coffee dates are some of my favourites. They are casual, there's no pressure and it's where I have the nicest conversations too! There's something about them that leave you coming out feeling so good. Love your whole outfit for your date, especially the hat! x Shloka http://www.thesilksneaker.com

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  19. Monika says:

    Fantastic pics! :) You look so cute together.

  20. Jandrew says:

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  23. Stephanie says:

    Gotta love coffee dates, love discovering new coffee shops and winding down! LA & OC has some of the best around, so many options to choose from :) x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  24. Taylor says:

    My favorite date with my fiance is going to the movies. We enjoy watching the movies and talking about our favorite parts afterward!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Yes, it's so important to make time for each other and go on dates <3 :) You two are always the sweetest! XO, Elizabeth http://clothestoyouuu.com

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  39. Serena says:

    Great post my dear! Love the watch you are wearing too! The color is perfect for your skin tone and it is very elegant. I guess my favorite kind of date with my loved one would be a dinner/a coffee out. It would be a pleasant place where to have intimate conversations and where one can look at each other straight in the eyes and have a graceful atmosphere. Of course, I would love even a vacation with my loved one; maybe in the Maldives, or even better, the French Polinesia. Loved you post and style always. Thanks! xoxox seryfashion.wordpress.com

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    Where are your trainers from Jules? Love this whole look! Such a cute date Hannah Xx

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