September 19, 2016 · Tulum, México.

Tulum, Tulum! One of my absolute favorite beaches and places in the world. Its’ gorgeous clear, teal water and soft, white sands make for the perfect “it” destination! Our first morning, we woke up at 6:30 am to take a dip in the ocean while everyone was still sleeping and scout locations to take photos in.

Waking up that early was totally worth it because we were able to have not only have the beach all to ourselves for a couple of hours, but also, the hotel to ourselves and take awesome photos! We stayed at the cute Nomade hotel which is this kinda hipster boutique hotel whose pretty hammocks, and packed palm tree beach front became our paradise.

Day 1 in Tulum was a day to remember! Stay tuned as i have so many photos still from Tulum & Xpu-ha beaches! I will put together a little list of my go-to places! xx


MARYSIA SWIM Palm Springs Mailot suit

JANESSA LEONE Calla Bolero hat

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