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Au revoir!

February 19, 2015

Hey loves! I am headed off to Paris for the week. The weather is going to be pretty chilly, so I made sure to stuff my suitcase with as many cozy jackets as possible- like this amazing one from Free People! My ideal jacket is warm, fuzzy, and easy to move in. No snowman arms! The little detailing on the shoulders makes this jacket so special. It really makes the jacket a great statement piece, instead of just your typical faux fur. Throw it on with a blank tee and some skinnies and you are good to go! See you soon Paris! xx

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  1. Julia Julia says:

    love the jacket ♥ theyoungyoko.blogspot.com

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    that looks amazingly cozy! love it! -Jessica www.wearitforless.com

  3. sasa sasa says:

    Have a great time in Paris<3 Shall We Sasa

  4. claudia claudia says:

    I'm in love with the Free People jacket. IT'S BEYOND BEAUTIFUL! I love it x Claudia StyleChezMoi.com

  5. Crystal Crystal says:

    That jacket is to die for! Have fun in Paris! <3 -Crystal https://hellocrystalkeo.wordpress.com

  6. Carmen Carmen says:

    I love your amazing coat!! I'm in love with the original coats, all the people is always wearing the same coats!

  7. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    Beautiful girl!! :) www.alexandracastrog.blogspot.com

  8. Edina Edina says:

    wow, it's like the jacket has two sides, an evil and an angel, a cool and a cute. Just love it! x Printed or Plain

  9. Diane Diane says:

    Have a nice trip ! http://www.fruityandpassion.com/

  10. Mel Mel says:

    cute coat! Have fun in Paris www.girlandthepolkadot.com

  11. nat nat says:

    have the best time in paris! x http://anoddgirl.blogspot.com.au

  12. Liz Liz says:

    you are gorgeous http://hashtagliz.com

  13. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Nice jacket, have fun in Paree, miss it so much! x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  14. Eilish Eilish says:

    Love this jacket!! Have a great time in Paris, can't wait to read what you share from your trip! http://faialofa.blogspot.com

  15. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Gorgeous! Have fun :D http://fashionfixeshearts.blogspot.com

  16. Tinja Tinja says:

    Have fun in Paris :) http://tinjaemiliaaa.blogspot.fi/

  17. Leftbankgirl Leftbankgirl says:

    The jacket is tres chic! Enjoy Paris, I'm jealous! Leftbankgirl.blogspot.com

  18. Leesa & Kate Leesa & Kate says:

    Such a cute outfit! Safe travels xx Leesa & Kate Travel inspo? www.wanderlustchronicles.com.au

  19. Krista Krista says:

    Sweet jacket! Have so much fun in Paris!! www.kristajacobs.blogspot.com

  20. jaclyn jaclyn says:

    have fun in Paris girl! also I desperately wanted that jacket! http://stylevolver.blogspot.com

  21. Mindy Mindy says:

    Enjoy Paris and stay warm! That coat is lovely! xo, Mindy | Blonde Nouveau

  22. SAUL SAUL says:

    Enjoy Paris! Love that jacket. SHOP SAUL

  23. Brigadeiro Brigadeiro says:

    Bon voyage Jules! I still can't believe I walked past you over a year ago simply by chance. If I weren't on my way 'home' to catch a plane I would've said hi :) Hope you have a blast! Bisous, Clarice

  24. Monica @ Mocha and Moccasins Monica @ Mocha and Moccasins says:

    I love the look of fuzzy coats, and the shoulder detailing is gorgeous! Stay warm in Paris! Monica - Mocha and Moccasins

  25. Daisy Daisy says:

    That jacket is gorgeous! I love the detail and fur. They compliment each other so well. http://www.daisydaniels.me/ Daisy x

  26. ksenia ksenia says:

    love this coat! check out my blog ! www.kseniasles.com

  27. Karen Farber Karen Farber says:

    Free People is great for statement pieces that are still functional! Ease of movement is a MUST when choosing a jacket! Have a great time in Paris! www.littleblackshell.com

  28. Jackie Jackie says:

    Love that fur coat! So chichi with an edge due to the detailing on the shoulders! http://themodalista.com

  29. Shelby Shelby says:

    Love that coat! The perfect mix of fur and metallic details:) http://stainedsilverblog.com

  30. Stylemelauren Stylemelauren says:

    Oh my gosh - Have fun!!! xo

  31. Nikki Nikki says:

    What a stunning jacket, the detailing on the shoulder is absolutely gorgeous!! X www.fashionable-passion.blogspot.com

  32. laura mitbrodt laura mitbrodt says:

    I love your jacket xo www.laurajaneatelier.com

  33. SweetMona Blog de moda SweetMona Blog de moda says:

    lovely coat! new look on my blog! http://sweetmona.com/blog/comfortable-look-walking-on-the-beach/

  34. Cheyenne Cheyenne says:

    Have a safe trip! Love the jacket! xx Cheyenne www.bohemianjourneys.blogspot.com

  35. Luise Luise says:

    Have a safe flight and a good time in Paris <3 XOXO Luise | www.just-myself.com

  36. dara dara says:

    Hello Jules Love the jacket!! Can you please tell from where it is? thanks

  37. camille camille says:

    Gorgeous jacket Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr

  38. Reichel Reichel says:

    Lovely!! :D www.paseandoamissreichel.com

  39. Jules Jules says:

    In love with your jacket! Have fun in Paris :) Jules x

  40. Valentina Valentina says:

    Super cute eco fur! Valentina http://www.mybubblyzone.com/

  41. Jeany Jeany says:

    amazing jacket! So in love with it, looks so comfy and stylish! Perfect eye-catcher for every casual outfit! <3 www.vogueetvoyage.com

  42. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    Love this outfit a lot! The jacket is so great! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  43. charity charity says:

    I've been pining over this faux for quite some time now. I sure wish it would find it's way into my closet but for some reason it hasn't yet!!! tgif! charity lifeafterbaseball.net

  44. kate kate says:

    This look I love! Along with this one: http://dariasdiaries.com/daria-in-kenzo-before-kenzo/

  45. Gracie Gracie says:

    Such a gorgeous jacket! Have a beautiful time in Paris! http://sometimesgracefully.com

  46. Vivian Vivian says:

    Stay warm in Paris! This is a lovely fur coat, the shoulder embellishment is gorgeous! LIVE . IN .LOVE ✞ ~

  47. mediamarmalade mediamarmalade says:

    Love love love this shearling coat Mel x http://mediamarmalade.com/

  48. Elizabeth Hawn Elizabeth Hawn says:

    have a great time in Paris! I'm so jealous http://www.atlantastateofmind.blogspot.com

  49. Marta Marta says:

    Bon voyage ma chérie!! xx NEW POST UP ON MY BLOG: http://www.rosesandtulipes.com/

  50. Federica Federica says:

    I love the brand Free People, I have a fantastic sweater which is my favorite. Fede www.fedefashionandcupcakes.blogspot.it

  51. fashionillustrationsbymc fashionillustrationsbymc says:

    enjoy Paris! hey beauties check out my fashion illustrations! http://fashionillustrationsbymc.altervista.org/

  52. Julia Julia says:

    Have an amazing time in the world's most beautiful city!! :) ExploresMore / Bloglovin

  53. ZEILEA ZEILEA says:

    This jacket is EVERYTHING

  54. Jessica Jessica says:

    Enjoy your time x www.wild-cherrytree.com

  55. Whitney V Whitney V says:

    Oh wow this jacket is everything... Looove it, thought it was Isabel Marant, so cool! Have fun in Paris hun!! x Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  56. takeitanwearit takeitanwearit says:

    Lovely jacket ! Have a great week to Paris ! Www.takeitandwearit.com

  57. Savannah Savannah says:

    Have fun in Paris! x http://www.justsavxnnah.com

  58. lomejordecadatienda lomejordecadatienda says:

    The coat is beautiful!! http://lomejordecadatienda.blogspot.com.es/

  59. Sofia Sofia says:

    Love the jacket!! I hope I see you since I live here in Paris! LIVING IN PLAID

  60. Amilis Amilis says:

    Holaaa !!!! Me encanta la chaqueta, es un sueño!!! Saludos desde Rep. Dom http://www.entreapuntesytela.com/

  61. Fashion Rookie Fashion Rookie says:

    This jacket is such a great piece ! Love it and have fun in Paris. xx julia http://www.followthefashionrookie.blogspot.de/

  62. Nastya Nastya says:

    Love this coat, look so cozy and cute

  63. Lee Lee says:

    Have fun! I was just there a few weeks ago, and it was freezing, unfortunately. But still beautiful, of course! <3 www.thatnewyorkgirl.com

  64. Cécile Cécile says:

    OMG! Love this jacket! looks great on you. xx Cécile now-then-forever.blogspot.com

  65. melissa melissa says:

    LOVE that jacket! xo, Melissa MissyOnMadison.com

  66. franki durbin franki durbin says:

    What a gorgeous look. xoxo http://frankidurbin.com

  67. Hana Hana says:

    amazing jacket! http://sweetchillibyhana.blogspot.cz/ http://sweetchillibyhana.blogspot.cz/

  68. Kate {Taffeta and Tulips} Kate {Taffeta and Tulips} says:

    Such an exquisite statement jacket! I love the detailing at the top! And it's so versatile, it can easily segue from day to night! www.taffetaandtulips.com

  69. Rosie Rosie says:

    Love the jacket! I with you on the "being easy to move in" part! Rosie www.rosiemay.co.nz

  70. Mihaella Mihaella says:

    GORGEOUS! http://fashiondiarybymihaella.blogspot.com/

  71. Vera Vera says:

    I love Paris and this coat! www.dasavera.blogspot.cz

  72. Duty Free Duty Free says:

    I really like the beading on that Free People jacket. http://dutyfreedame.blogspot.com

  73. stephanie stephanie says:

    Love the fur jacket! www.stepfromsteph.blogspot.com

  74. miri miri says:

    Enjoy Paris! X Miri http://currentlywearing.com

  75. Wishes & Reality Wishes & Reality says:

    A faux fur with a boho vibe?! Love the detailing on this! Heidi www.wishesandreality.com

  76. Camilla Camilla says:

    Love the jacket!! xxx Camilla http://avenuecamilla.com

  77. Cris Cris says:

    I only lo watt to Know. ......The Jacket....Where is it from? ??

  78. Asshly Asshly says:

    Love that jacket, so warm! . http://asshlyofficial.blogspot.com

  79. Bruno Bruno says:

    Beautifull... https://www.facebook.com/groups/femmessympas/

  80. Adeola Naomi Adeola Naomi says:

    This really is a great one!! I am having some serious jacket envy over here. Enjoy Paris!! http://www.distinguisheddiva.com/

  81. Prince Prince says:

    Love the coat! Lots of love princechic.blogspot.com

  82. Maëva Maëva says:

    Hello i'm french and i have discover yourweb site by a friend If you are in France don't esitade To share your good adress i will be very interested Have a nice trip in Paris ;)

  83. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    Absolutely love this jacket!! Xx Sylvia www.fixintothrill.com

  84. Jennifer Kaya Jennifer Kaya says:

    Beautiful jacket! http://www.jenniferkaya.com https://www.facebook.com/JenniferKaya.OfficialPage

  85. Laura Laura says:

    Amazing jacket! Paris is always a good idea Xx www.Lauralexo.com

  86. Patricia Patricia says:

    Enjoy París! Love the coat! xoxo http://www.bloglovin.com/blogs/donkeycool-4487669

  87. fashiondreamzz fashiondreamzz says:

    Wow, I love your jacket! http://fashiondreamzz.com

  88. Agnes Agnes says:

    Have fun! Paris is always a good idea Agnes x http://blvckbee.com

  89. Marjorie Marjorie says:

    Have a great time in Paris and...I love your jacket! xxx www.mybeautrip.com

  90. Ina Nuvo Ina Nuvo says:

    Wonderful picture <3 Ina, xxx http://www.ina-nuvo.com

  91. ReloadEvolve ReloadEvolve says:

    Love this look! The embellishments are amazing! http://reloadevolve.com/

  92. Alice Alice says:

    Stay warm in Paris!! And of course Free People is always amazing. http://houseinconnue.wordpress.com

  93. A&I A&I says:

    Hope you have a blast in Paris. Keep us updated on Insta! And keep warm <3 Lots of love http://www.bloodxblack.blogspot.com/

  94. Quinn Quinn says:

    Love the jacket! Jealous of your trip--I love Paris! Http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  95. Mandana Mandana says:

    i love this jacket. It's very much a statement piece xxx http://www.missmandana.com

  96. Kárin Kárin says:

    I just love that jacket! You have the best California style -Kárin NEW POST!! KÀRIN STYLES

  97. Who is Mocca? Who is Mocca? says:

    love it! <3 xoxo, Verena whoismocca.com

  98. Monika Monika says:

    You look great! Have wonderful time in Paris! Love from Warsaw! www.za-bardzo.blogspot.com

  99. Carine Carine says:

    Enjoy the city! Your Free People jacket is a winter gem! http://fashion-soup.com/

  100. un2dejuniorosa un2dejuniorosa says:

    Espléndida!! Besitos http://www.un2dejuniorosa.com

  101. princess princess says:

    the jacket is so pretty! enjoy your trip to paris :) http://princessarca.blogspot.com/

  102. malli malli says:

    Oh Julie, I love this jacket, how can I get one of those?. Desde Spain. Un abrazo

  103. Rachel Owiti Rachel Owiti says:

    Love the jacket is lovely!. Enjoy Paris! xoxo, Rachel http://chicglamstyle.com/

  104. Ludivine Ludivine says:

    Beautiful outfit! Love it! And welcome to Paris! http://interiordesign-paris.com/

  105. nikki nikki says:

    that jacket is amazing! xx nikki www.dream-in-neon.com

  106. ItsPinkwanderlust ItsPinkwanderlust says:

    Looking gorgeous! https://itspinkwanderlust.wordpress.com/

  107. sally sally says:

    have ful! xo http://parkersally.blogspot.com

  108. Fortune Tarantola Fortune Tarantola says:

    Love this jacket!! Great details xx Fortune http://www.fortunetellerfashion.com/

  109. Estefanía Estefanía says:

    Perfect jacket!! http://enjoyourstyle.blogspot.com.es/

  110. Jen Jen says:

    Love this look! So cozy! Have a blast in Paris. xoxo http://modernensemble.com

  111. GorisHelena GorisHelena says:

    Love this jacket so much ! xo

  112. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Ive noticed during fashion weeks you usually travel or skip the shows. Im just curious as to why that is ... also as a fashion blogger Im always interested as to how you ladies make it to NYFW. How did you first get invited and do you have to have an agent in order to attend? I would love for you do to a blog post on this subject so us smaller blogs can reach a long time goal. Thanks so much!

  113. Marta Marta says:

    You look great! bymadameem.blogspot.com

  114. Idalia Idalia says:

    fabulous <3 cheers, idalia http://www.abstractorganza.com

  115. Chris Chris says:

    Great jacket, you definitly need that one :) enjoy your Paris time! x Chris | styledbychris.com

  116. Mar (DonnaStileBlog) Mar (DonnaStileBlog) says:

    Love your coat!! http://DonnaStileBlog.com

  117. Anna Anna says:

    Love the jacket!

  118. Denise Denise says:

    Awesome look http://fashionkings.org/

  119. Shae Shae says:

    LOVE this coat! Hope you'er having fun! Shae at www.currenthabits.com

  120. Marika Marika says:

    I'm in love with this wool jacket! Enjoy your stay in Paris! http://laviecestchic.blogspot.it facebook.com/laviecestchic

  121. Secret little Stars Secret little Stars says:

    The cutest look ever! Hope you had fun! Tatyana Secret little Stars www.secretlittlestars.com

  122. yael steren yael steren says:

    I LOVE the coat!! Can't wait to see photos from your trip!! xo yael www.yaelsteren.com/blog/

  123. Masha Rusia Masha Rusia says:

    I typically do not shop at Free People. But this coat is very cute and I might make an exception. It looks warm and cozy and at the same time has pretty shoulder accents that accessorize the whole outfit! Truly, Masha www.masharussia.com

  124. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I might be a little jealous that you are in Paris. I miss it SO much! Stephanie http://ishowedupinboots.com

  125. Mary Mary says:

    have a great time en Paris! x Mary www.littlefeatherstyle.blogspot.co.uk

  126. Yvonne Yvonne says:

    This jacket is so gorgeous! xx Yvonne http://tellmeyblog.com

  127. Cristinaa Cristinaa says:

    Lovely, lovely!! What do you think of my mix with my new sneakers? Thanks for your comments. www.martinandvalentina.com

  128. Ana Ana says:

    The jacket is gorgeous!! xxx http://waitwhat-ab.blogspot.com.es/2015/02/diy-necklace-holder.html

  129. jasmin jasmin says:

    beautiful jacket. enjoy paris, love your pictures on instagram so far. www.elossastyle.com

  130. Fiorelka Fiorelka says:

    This is great outfit, so cozy, love it! http://fiorelkasworld.com/

  131. Mel Mel says:

    Love this jacket the fur and beading are perfect! http://lachiquitamissi.com

  132. Hayley Appleford Hayley Appleford says:

    Incredible jacket ! So beautiful :) With love from London, Hayley ♥ http://thelifestylemenu.co.uk/

  133. Denise Denise says:

    SO BEAUTIFUL! http://fashionkings.org/

  134. Amber Amber says:

    There are no words for that jacket... except 'heaven'! :) Love, Amber p.s. I've wrote a blogpost of you, Julie, on my blog. You are my superhero!

  135. Priscila Priscila says:

    Love this coat!!! it sooo cool. My Showroom

  136. Frenchyincali Frenchyincali says:

    Hello Jules ! I love your blog, it's so fresh and so beautiful. I love every picture that you post and it's so cool to follow your trips. I'm in California right now (I'm French), and I would like to know if you have some advice or restaurants that I can go to. Most of all, I made a blog about my trip it's http://frenchyincali.tumblr.com/ . It's just the beginning... Keep going, I love it!! Bisous :)

  137. Baia ali Baia ali says:

    This look is amaz, i love the coat! http://WWW.BONNIE-BANDIE.COM

  138. Katie Katie says:

    This is such a great piece, like you said, to throw on over a white t-shirt with some jeans. It also seems like it could be dressed up too, which I like! Katie http://www.theaisleofstyle.com/

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  141. soraya soraya says:

    Love your style, really! Good inspirations, BRAVO!!!!!

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