Dior Addict.

March 16, 2016


Above: wearing 765 Ultra Dior shade

Excited to introduce the new Dior Addict Pumpling Ultra-Gloss! I’m quite the make-up junky so I’m ecstatic to partner up with Dior so I can add some bright color and shine to my lips for a more glam look!

What’s awesome about the new Pumpling Ultra-Gloss is that it has three benefits we should be excited about, ultra-plumping, ultra-shiny and ultra-hydrating!

First, Ultra-plumping benefit gives you +14% of immediate volume, which means it has a hydra-plumping formula that helps retain water to give you a supple, plump shape! Such a good one because we all want plumpier lips! The Ultra-shiny benefit is one that I love because your lips stay glossy and fresh looking all day! The ultra-hydrating benefit gives you a womping 6hours of continuous hydration! So crazy! They stay hydrated as well as smoothed and plumped!

There’s three different light effect to choose from: Sparkling, Iridescent and Watery! Depending on what you’re looking for and what kind of look you’re trying to achieve, there’s so many shades per light effects! I personally love the Sparkling shades, I’m wearing the 765 Ultra Dior. Its sooo pretty and sparkly- perfect for a cocktail party or date night!

Which one’s your favorite? x

Loving these shades: 676 Cruise, 656 Cosmic and the one I’m wearing 765 Ultra-Dior.

Check out the cute video we made HERE!

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  1. Madalena Batista Madalena Batista says:

    gorgeous, I always get inspired by your blog!

  2. Kim Kim says:

    Those colors are gorgeous and the formula looks amazing! Thanks for sharing with us! :) Kim http://trendkeeper.me .. home spa essentials!!

    • With Or Without Shoes With Or Without Shoes says:

      Stunning colors! Don't miss today my urban-chic outfit with military style coat! ;) . . ❤ Kisses from www.withorwithoutshoes.com ❤ . .

    • Trendy two Trendy two says:

      Me encanta el producto! Y tu estas guapísima! Hoy en nuestro BLOG os traemos un ● L O O K C L Á S I C O ● de los que nunca fallan, y además LOW COST :) ❤www.trendytwo.es

  3. Natali Natali says:

    Such a beauty!!! Love Dior lip glosses!! http://lartoffashion.com

  4. Morgan England Morgan England says:

    LOVE this color on you. I am always looking for a great new color, and I think this would be great to take into the spring months. Thank you for sharing. www.styleonedge.net

  5. Paula Paula says:

    That color looks great on you! I love it! Paula- www.livingpaula.com

  6. Abbie E. Abbie E. says:

    You're so pretty! Abbie E.|| www.abulouslife.com

  7. Heather Heather says:

    Please, please, please do a hair tutorial post. I have been checking every day for over a year. I see so many requests for it all over your social media too, so I know I'm not alone. How do you get those gorgeous waves?!

  8. La Bijoux Bella | by mia La Bijoux Bella | by mia says:

    Such beautiful colours . . . Beautiful and essential to a girl's beauty! :) La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  9. Kristina Kristina says:

    Love these bright colors - perfect for spring! ♡ Kristina TheKontemporary

  10. Aimara Aimara says:

    Love this color on you! Dior has the best colors!! XO Aimara www.waysofsyle.com

  11. Danielle Danielle says:

    Loving these lip colors, they match perfectly with your outfit! <3 xo Danielle. www.loudetails.com

  12. Polly Polly says:

    The bright colors are perfect for spring! I like how these are ultra hydrating. That's a big plus! Polly http://gemsandjoy.com

  13. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I'm a huge fan of the Dior Addict lipsticks, so I know I'll love the gloss just as much <3 Loving all of the vibrant colors :) So pretty and perfect for spring! XO, Elizabeth http://clothestoyouuu.com/

  14. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    Dior products look so nice! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  15. Paulina Piotrowska Paulina Piotrowska says:

    I love your photos dear! http://moje-kreacje.blogspot.com

  16. Ashley Ashley says:

    Such beautiful shades! www.ashrealasitgets.blogspot.com

  17. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Beautiful colors for spring! x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  18. Pinja Pinja says:

    And more products to my ever growing wishlist! I love the look of the shade Cruise <3

  19. Sophie Sophie says:

    what a beauty! http://arganlifeherbalshampoo.blogspot.com/

  20. SweetMona SweetMona says:

    love dior make up!! http://sweetmona.com/blog/look-of-the-day-como-llevar-mi-bomber-rosa/

  21. theoni theoni says:

    you look gorgeous love the outfit! http://www.somethingvogue.com

  22. Tatjana Tatjana says:

    Nice to see you wearing a bright lipstick. Looks beautiful! Cheers, T. https://tbymallano.wordpress.com/

  23. Liesa Liesa says:

    This color looks so great! xx www.thefashionplaybook.de

  24. Simona Simona says:

    Perfect outfits and the gloss color is beautiful !!!! I love Dior addict. Kiss Simona www.thebadbag.com

  25. camille camille says:

    Awesome product Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr

  26. Marta Mendes Marta Mendes says:

    Beautiful colors!! Love all three!! xx http://www.silverliningbym.com/

  27. Vivian Vivian says:

    You look gorgeous, the hot pink shade really suits you~ Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE ~

  28. Fatima Sabri Fatima Sabri says:

    Love this post. The lip colours are also so gorgeous. I'm also loving your leather skirt. xx, Fatima www.fatimasabri.com


    Beautiful colors. http://elsecretodemistercloset.com

  30. Annie Abbey Annie Abbey says:

    This is such a cute post! All of these colors are so gorgeous! I have never tried out Dior's lip line but I think I need to now! xx Annie http://www.somethingswellblog.com/

  31. Paula Kolehmainen Paula Kolehmainen says:

    I love the skirt you're wearing! Where can I find it??

  32. francesca francesca says:

    great shades but I prefer a matte finish! xx www.cherry-mag.com

  33. Ev Ev says:

    Love it! <3 ______________________ PERSONAL STYLE BLOG http://evdaily.blogspot.com

  34. Blush & Sugar Blush & Sugar says:

    Shade 765 ist such a pretty color. Can't wait to get my hands on it :-) Manuela Blush & Sugar www.blushandsugar.com

  35. Paula Loreti Paula Loreti says:

    The colours are amazing! Love the one you're wearing in the first picture. I also saw the video on your instagram and I liked it haha. www.blossomikebana.com

  36. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    You look so pretty, can't wait to try out the new Dior line! BTW, love all of your Instagram pictures, you look like you're having an amazing time! stay styled, Lindsey IG: stay_styled BLOG: http://staystyledblog.com/

  37. Monika Monika says:

    Love these glosses! Love, www.thestyleventure.com

  38. The Highville The Highville says:

    Love it! Always in my bag! A must this spring! www.thehighville.com

  39. Cindy Cindy says:

    Gorgeous colors! Excited to give these a try! xx Cindy www.whenindoubtblog.com

  40. Dior Addict. - Fashionista says:

    […] Sincerely Jules […]

  41. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Stunning makeup! Love the white and leather outfit too. So chic! xx www.fasionsensored.com

  42. Holly Holly says:

    My fav is the brightest pink! Love the cream top you have on in these shots.... Where is it from? X www.hollydays.co.uk

  43. Cristina Cristina says:

    Those lipgloss look amazing! http://memoriesofthepacific.blogspot.com.es/

  44. Genevieve Genevieve says:

    Such a cute post, Jules! I love the color of that lipgloss. I need to try this shade! xo, Genevieve www.thestylesauce.com

  45. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Gorgeous! www.petiteandhungry.com

  46. Maggie Maggie says:

    I love that color!! I'll have to try this :) www.maggiealamode.com

  47. DNA MAG DNA MAG says:

    Gorgeous color on you! www.dnamag.tumblr.com

  48. Nadin Nadin says:

    lovely post http://killthemwithchic.com/

  49. Linda Linda says:

    Beautiful! http://www.llindatt.com

  50. Laure Laure says:

    So beautiful and perfect style. xx http://laure-relooking.fr/blog

  51. jen jen says:

    You are so gorgeous. Love that shade of lipstick on you. xx http://modernensemble.com

  52. Whit Whit says:

    Sold!!! Exactly what we look for on a lip gloss! Normally they dry my lips after the shinny process, but if they're as hydrating as you say, they sound like the perfect summer companion... Will go ahead and try them NOW! Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  53. Michelle Madsen Michelle Madsen says:

    I'm loving that outfit! -Michelle http://takeaim.nu/

  54. Sarah Sarah says:

    What a stunning lip shade! And you look beautiful as always Jules! x Sarah http://www.bohochiccafe.com

  55. Vicky Sullivan Vicky Sullivan says:

    Great pics and colors! xo, Vicky http://www.aspiringsocialite.com/

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  57. Sophia Sophia says:

    Such pretty colors, perfect for spring! Definitely buying the 765 ultra-dior for spring I love it! Xo Sophia from http://www.sistersandglitters.com

  58. Mai Mai says:

    Absolutely in love with 765 Ultra shade ! ;) XO, Mai *** Maikshine ***

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  60. Taylor Cuqua Taylor Cuqua says:

    Awesome post! Looks amazing on you <3

    • Taylor Cuqua Taylor Cuqua says:


  61. Josefin M Josefin M says:

    Such lovely colors, would love to try them out! xx www.josefinmolanders.blogspot.co.uk

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  63. Carly Kenihan Carly Kenihan says:

    What a great color lip! XO Carly http://bunbunbook.com

  64. denina.martin@hotmail.com denina.martin@hotmail.com says:

    These colors would be just perfect for summer :)

  65. Fashionandcash Fashionandcash says:

    Wonderful colours of the lipgloss!

  66. Katarína Jakubčová Katarína Jakubčová says:

    Such a beautiful colors perfect for spring! www.katharine-fashionisbeautiful.blogspot.sk

  67. Chrysa Chrysa says:

    Please let me know the brand of your white top. It is amazing! Thanks in advance

  68. intelligently-fashionable intelligently-fashionable says:

    It sounds very cool !!http://intelligently-fashionable.blogspot.com

  69. Tips4Trips Tips4Trips says:

    So preatty! Love these colors! http://pktipsfortrips.wordpress.com!

  70. takeitandwearit takeitandwearit says:

    great post ! love your outfits and the shoot ! www.takeitandwearit.com

  71. Lola Lola says:

    You look stunning darling but you've got a bit carried away on the cheeks! LOL That skirt tho, THOSE LEGS!! DIVINE!

  72. patricia patricia says:

    YOU LOOK GREAT!!! :) XX CM http://blogcashmeremafia.blogspot.com.es/

  73. Emilie Perrier Emilie Perrier says:

    lovely colors ! love the 676 Cruise ! http://www.mademoiselleperrier.com/

  74. Sam Sam says:

    Hi! What top and skirt are you wearing??? Looks great! Thank you!

  75. sté sté says:

    i've noticed, several several times, that when someone say something in your instagram that you don't agree with, you delete it!Or you block the person. I'm half surprise in fact but i's a bit ridiculous : someoe doesn't like your (awfull) shoes, you delete or block it!!!!!!!! you seem to be a little stupid..... i think it's you don't seem to be a nice person.

  76. Anna Turowska Anna Turowska says:

    Hi Jules, Maybe You could share what are You wearing? I love your white top:-) Thanks!

  77. khanhpi khanhpi says:

    I have not used Dior, but thanks to this post I will give it a try. I prefer the red tones cause its more attractive to me. Does Dior have the red tones or just the pink one? :) Khanh | Best shoes for women 2016 xo

  78. Jodi Jodi says:

    I'm in love with Dior's lipgloss. I've had it for over 11 years now and it's always my go to. www.throughmyowneyes.com

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  155. Free auto approve list 8-9-2018 Free auto approve list 8-9-2018 says:

    I’ve been having issues with my Windows hosting. It has set me back quite a bit while making the next list. This is the current list that I have. I should add another list in less than a week. I’ll let you all know when the next list is ready. Thank you for your patience.

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