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March 23, 2015

It’s Monday! I don’t know if I have ever told you guys but I looooove Mondays. It’s one of my favorite days of the week because it feels like a breath of fresh air. It’s a new week where you can set up new goals and just start fresh again.

Mondays for me usually consist of waking up extra earlier to hit up the flower market in downtown right before I head to our office but not before grabbing my go-to vanilla mocha though! I head straight to my desk where I work on emails, designs, inspiration, blogposts and our shop pretty much all day. Even though our office is super laid-back and we all wear whatever we want, sometimes I want to wear an “office” look without feeling like I work at a corporate office.

We all know how hard it is to work at an office and dress or even feel cute in office wear- it’s usually a nightmare getting dressed for the office. For me, I always try to really stick to basics- in color and in silhouettes. A super nice silky button up is always a lot more nicer than just a regular button up, or wearing slim trousers instead of your regular frumpy looking ones! Looking for pieces that are basic but have a twist to them whether in fabric or fitting, will definitely elevate your “office” look to a more put-together chic look!

I love Everlane’s basic pieces that have such a modern twist- they’re effortless, easy, sexy without trying and so versatile! It’s always so hard for me to find the perfect trouser let alone a slim trouser… I’m really picky! I’m a huge fan of silky button ups, any color, any style.. so their selection is perfect!

Next time you’re wondering what to buy or wear, remember to stick to those basics and more modern silhouettes. Think about colors too- I try to buy neutral tones and try to stay away from bold prints for button ups. Less is definitely more.

Trousers in a slimmer silhouette look more polished and help elongate yours legs! Instead of wearing heels, opt for cute fancy flats!

Personally, I like to unbutton my shirts a little lower. For the office, you obviously can’t but if you’re having drinks after work, go ahead and unbuttoned it a little lower and throw on some heels!

I always like to show off my ankles when I wear any kind of pants or jeans.. so folding the trousers at the bottom adds a little detail and gives off an undone look which I love.

EVERLANE the ‘Habotai’ silk short sleeve
EVERLANE the slim trouser

EVERLANE ‘the casual preta’ tote
VALENTINO rockstud flats
RAY BAN large aviators

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    So cute and stylish...love the tote HAUTE SPRING OUTFIT Post http://yvespink.com/2015/03/22/haute-spring/

    • MARTA MARTA says:

      Looking amazing! Love the shoes! http://martasfashiondiary.com http://martasfashiondiary.com

  2. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    That blouse is so pretty! Love it! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  3. Elizabeth Hawn Elizabeth Hawn says:

    great look! loving your accessories for this outfit! http://www.atlantastateofmind.blogspot.com

  4. Natali Natali says:

    Sticking to stylish basics, proved to be the best solution for me when working and being busy. You look beautiful in this outfit and I like your blouse esp. ️http://www.lartoffashion.com

  5. laureen laureen says:

    Superbe photos :) xo http://stansmithwho.blogspot.fr

  6. mel mel says:

    Cute outfit www.girlandthepolkadot.com

  7. Alex Alex says:

    so chic! <3 http://www.velvetandmilk.com/

  8. claudia claudia says:

    What a nice outfit, it´s perfect to wear to work! xx Claudia www.trendenciesblog.com

  9. Monika Monika says:

    Your rings are super cute! I think you're the only person I know that loves Mondays haha. You're outlook on the whole thing though is probably a lot healthier than the doom and gloom perspective most of us have. -M www.violetroots.com

  10. lomejordecadatienda lomejordecadatienda says:

    Love the shoes!! nice outfit. xoxo http://lomejordecadatienda.blogspot.com.es/

  11. Matea Matea says:

    I also always fold my trousers at the bottom, it looks way cooler than in the normal way :) Great look! :)

  12. Pam Pam says:

    That top looks super comfortable! I love how you make everything look so effortless. You did an amazing job styling this look. Have a great week! xx Pam www.thegirlfrompanama.com

  13. Sarah Sarah says:

    Love this look so much! Simple and chic at the Same Time

  14. Nora Nora says:

    Wauw amazing look love the layed back style! X Nora / 1310bynora.com

  15. Betty Betty says:

    oooo me likey this entire outfit! Those shoes! *add to basket* Betty x The Betty Stamp

  16. Gap Gap says:

    I love this look, it's great for work and a girls night out!! XOX, Gap. www.gaptoothedgirl.com

  17. Eva Eva says:

    Wish I could enjoy Monday like you do, haha. Great look bye the way, love the soft red tone of the shirt! xx http://www.creativityandchocolate.com

  18. It's About L.A It's About L.A says:

    Such a great style, those shoes are so amazing! L.A http://www.itsaboutla.fr/

  19. the color palette the color palette says:

    love this ooutfit, the shoes are the best part x,Abril The Color Palette

  20. Pinchofblack Pinchofblack says:

    nice outfit!! Http://pinchblack.blogspot.com

  21. Gaby Gaby says:

    This outfit is lush, I love it! http://apathtotheunknown.blogspot.co.uk

  22. Gracie Gracie says:

    Love this look, girl! Everlane has such beautiful pieces. That top is darling! http://sometimesgracefully.com

  23. ivanasworld ivanasworld says:

    Beautiful look and amazing shoes :)

  24. Krista Krista says:

    Love these styling tips. I work in an office and can definitely incorporate some of them into my wardrobe and styling. Love the outfit! www.kristajacobs.blogspot.com

  25. Cristina Cristina says:

    It's the perfect office look! http://memoriesofthepacific.blogspot.com.es/

  26. SHAY SHAY says:


  27. Liz Liz says:

    amazing look http://hashtagliz.com

  28. The Style Circus The Style Circus says:

    Truly, I also love to fold the bottoms up for this special look! And such a great post, loved reading it! Laiyin | THESTYLECIRCUS.net

  29. Lorena Lorena says:

    I love your outfit!! Nice and very comfy! xx, http://girlswearblack.blogspot.com.es

  30. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I LOVE this silk button down and you do such a fantastic job of pulling off these trousers. Stephanie http://ishowedupinboots.com

  31. camille camille says:

    Such a cool look Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.fr

  32. Maria Geronico Maria Geronico says:

    I had never thought about it before... But I think Monday is one of my favorite days too! I wake up with a different energy, with many projects in my mind and happiness. During the week that energy diminishes gradually ^^ Here my latest post, about how Armani invites consumers to participate on the brand's 40th anniversary special website through the hashtag #Atribute. http://mgluxurynews.com/posts/ I hope you enjoy it! Bests :)

  33. Lina Lina says:

    i love this outfit !! wonderful Lina www.juponetmacaron.fr

  34. Emilie Perrier Emilie Perrier says:

    Love the shoes <3 Valentino :) http://mademoiselleperrier.blogspot.fr/

  35. simona huidiu simona huidiu says:

    lovely outfit for the everyday look! i love the pants and the awesome valentino flats <3 http://simonaroxanahuidiu.blogspot.ro

  36. ksenia ksenia says:

    cute office look!! xx ksenia | www.kseniasles.com

  37. Allegra Allegra says:

    I love this outfit!I often wear this kind of look at the office. Can you detail the black trousers please? Are they straight cut? I am searching desperately for this kind of trousers!

  38. Laureen Lifestyle Laureen Lifestyle says:

    I love the pants <3 http://laureenlifestyleblog.blogspot.fr

  39. SweetMona Blog de moda SweetMona Blog de moda says:

    nice loook, lovely shoes! new look on my blog!!! http://sweetmona.com/blog/my-style-my-rules/

  40. Shae Shae says:

    Love how you wore this Everlane top. Actually, loving all of these Everlane pieces! Shae @ www.currenthabits.com

  41. Beth Norton Beth Norton says:

    This look is absolutely gorgeous. You make everything look so effortless and chic! And those Valentino flats are to-die-for! Beth xox. www.bethnorton.co.uk

  42. Sofia Sofia says:

    I LOVE the shoes! Great outfit :D

  43. Celine Celine says:

    in love with this outfit honestly! x breathingdaze.blogspot.com

  44. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Personally hate mondays haha but what a great outfit! in love with this shirt! http://fashionfixeshearts.blogspot.com

  45. Ruth Ruth says:


  46. Leftbankgirl Leftbankgirl says:

    Such a pretty color for the shirt! Love the cut of the pants! Love the whole look Leftbankgirl.blogspot.com

  47. lauren Nakagawa lauren Nakagawa says:

    Mmmhmm, solid look :) That color is gorgeous on you. - www.shoesandsashimi.com

  48. Tonya Tonya says:

    Your style is always spot on! I love the chic and casual mix. So inspiring as always. Love it!

  49. Daisy Daniels Daisy Daniels says:

    I love the color of that shirt! Compliments everything else very well! http://www.daisydaniels.me/ Daisy x

  50. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Perf look, I'm lovin that shirt, and of course the Valentino flats! x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  51. Nidhi Nidhi says:

    This is a great option for a casual office setting! Love the textures and colors and I'm severely coveting your shoes! Nidhi An Unblurred Lady

  52. Emily Emily says:

    OBSESSED WITH EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS OUTFIT! I saw those shoes the other day in Nordstrom and was lusting for those babies hard. They look great on you! Now I have to go back and get them. You look like a total badass. Get it, girl! Xo, Emily | itsembur.blogspot.com

  53. Sarah Sarah says:

    I need those shoes! XO http://flipflopsandfurs.com

  54. vera vera says:

    Amazing photos, I LOVE your shoes!! www.blondeincashmere.com

  55. Prudence Yeo Prudence Yeo says:

    Love your casual chic look in a slim pair of pants and effortless button ups! The studded flats are so chic too, awesome design! I admire your attitude about loving Monday, definitely something I need to do as well! Prudence www.prudencepetitestyle.com

  56. nuriel nuriel says:

    gorgeous outfit! love the shoes! http://nurielfashion.blogspot.co.il/2015/03/prints-are-backo.html

  57. monkeyshines monkeyshines says:

    effortlessly chic! http://monkeyshines-monkeyshines.blogspot.com/

  58. Carrie Carrie says:

    oh my god. i love it Check out my new post on my blog about Pastel Fashion http://carrieslifestyle.wordpress.com Posts online about Hollywood, Beijing, South Africa, Military Style...

  59. Ellen Keating Ellen Keating says:

    Lovely outfit ! Xx Elle www.stridewithpride.net

  60. Sanja Sanja says:

    Love the blush color of the shirt, and trousers aro so chic with Valentino!! sunmoonstyle.blogspot.co.at

  61. Sasha Sasha says:

    What a great semi- office look! xx SASHA

  62. Kristjaana Kristjaana says:

    Perfect summertime look! So jealous of your tanned skin, makes everything look so much more chic :P www.kristjaana.com

  63. Patricia Patricia says:

    The shirt is amazing! Love it! xoxo www.donkeycool.es

  64. Carine Carine says:

    Love everything about your look! The colour of that shirt is amazing! http://fashion-soup.com/

  65. Miss Key Miss Key says:

    Easy and chic, the perfect mix for a perfect outfit. The shirt was made with a very interesting material, it's really original and the color is wonderful. I like the way you wear it with these casual pants and these Valentino flats are just amazing, they are cute and rock. Lovely bag Kisses http://www.misskeyblog.com/

  66. pipa pipa says:

    So cute and stylish :)

  67. Diane Diane says:

    Nice shirt ! http://www.fruityandpassion.com/2015/03/not-too-casual.html#more

  68. Federica Federica says:

    very nice basic outfit. Fede www.fedefashionandcupcakes.blogspot.it

  69. Jeany Jeany says:

    amazing outfit and so in love with the color of your shirt! <3 www.vogueetvoyage.com

  70. Anna Anna says:

    cute <3 https://aspoonfulofnature.wordpress.com/

  71. miri miri says:

    I really love this look. Is elegant and classy! X Miri http://currentlywearing.com

  72. Quinn Quinn says:

    Seriously obsessed with this boyish office look http://www.qustomquinns.com/blog

  73. MIRJAM MIRJAM says:

    this shirt is gorgeous - so sad that EVERLANE does not ship to europe :( bisou, mirjam | www.jeneregretterien.ch|

  74. Eni Eni says:

    Love this simply and effortlessly chic look! http://kingstreetfashionista.blogspot.hu/2015/03/interior-inspiration-6.html https://www.facebook.com/kingstreetfashionista

  75. Lorena Lorena says:

    Nice post! www.preparadaslistasya.com

  76. charity charity says:

    What a great office look...a great outfit for anywhere right? charity lifeafterbaseball.net

  77. Alisha Alisha says:

    Love the blouse and shoes! http://alishaxa.blogspot.co.uk

  78. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Lovely- chic, easy, elegant, and clean cut. Loving that the shoes add a bit of spice to the outfit. http://www.luckythreemusic.com http://www.soundcloud.com/luckythreemusic

  79. Mariko Mariko says:

    I think you've nailed the office outfit! Also a refreshing view on Mondays, sometimes they suck but I like how you described it as a "breath of fresh air" that's a fab outlook to have on them! xx


    I love this look! Everything fits perfectly and you look so chic and comfy!! Love the Shirt!! NEW BLOG POST!! Today we talk about “EASTER HOLIDAYS ESSENTIALS: COUNTRYSIDE VS. BEACH” Check out my ESSENTIAL FASHION PICKS!! http://www.influencerdiaries.com

  81. Whitney Whitney says:

    Such cool basics paired perfectly! Loving the polished office look! ;) Oh, and that bag is gorgeous! Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  82. Whitney Whitney says:

    Such cool basics paired perfectly! Loving the polished office look! ;) Oh, and that bag is gorgeous!! Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  83. Olivia Rodriguez Olivia Rodriguez says:

    Love this look!!! Those shoes are so gorgeous!! xx Olivia www.hellooliviablog.com

  84. Kristie Kristie says:

    I love Mondays too! And I really love the flats! http://www.bluelabelsboutique.com/collections/tops

  85. DIvya DIvya says:

    LOVE the shoes! www.eatwearwander.com

  86. carly carly says:

    Great professional look! Your tips for making a professional look, less frumpy are really good. Dresses & Denim

  87. Getup & Go Getup & Go says:

    Love the blush/earth tone top! It's a great color on you! xx www.getup-goblog.blogspot.com

  88. caroline caroline says:

    I want/need to steal your entire look !!! Like, everything... That blouse is such a dream, and so are those shoes. As always, you're the best dressed ! http://www.pardonmyobsession.com/

  89. Tailored and true Tailored and true says:

    Super cute look for the office! I love these trousers with the valentino flats! www.tailoredandtrue.wordpress.com

  90. Amilis Amilis says:

    Hola!!! que divina, encanta ese color en tiii, te va de maravilla!! El outfit es espectacular, amo tus zapatos!! Mil besos desde Rep. Dom http://www.entreapuntesytela.com/

  91. Wishes & Reality Wishes & Reality says:

    Very chic, yet sexy! These pants are the perfect fit! Heidi www.wishesandreality.com

  92. Amalie Amalie says:

    I literally though I was the only person on earth loving Mondays. jeansandmacaroons.blogspot.com

  93. Alina Ermilova Alina Ermilova says:

    I absolutely love this look! It's pretty simple, yet really chic! <3 ALINA ERMILOVA | BLOG

  94. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    OMG love this look!! You look flawless. Xx Sylvia http://fixintothrill.com

  95. nikki nikki says:

    love those trousers! xx nikki www.dream-in-neon.com

  96. Alice Alice says:

    I wish I had your enthusiasm for Mondays ;D. Love the outfit, and always the closeup of your hand candy is my favorite! xoxo, Alice / Blog Inconnue / House Inconnue

  97. melissa melissa says:

    Cute Shoes Jules! xo, Melissa MissyOnMadison.com

  98. Laia Santamaria Laia Santamaria says:

    I love your style!! That blouse is soooo cool and it fits perfectly with the pants!! A+++++ http://rougepebbles.blogs.elle.es

  99. Jen Jen says:

    Love this casual relaxed look! xoxo http://modernensemble.com

  100. Kate {Taffeta and Tulips} Kate {Taffeta and Tulips} says:

    Such an easy and effortless look! Love that blouse and this classic tote! Taffeta & Tulips

  101. Charlie Cook Charlie Cook says:

    I really like that blouse! How you pull of lower buttons, I do not know! Pictures look great but it would be hard to type without flashing anyone ;) http://www.lemonbutterlove.com/

  102. Leatherdock Leatherdock says:

    Very beautiful and professional, Just mindblowing work

  103. Amy M Amy M says:

    By far my favorite of your recent outfits. It's all incredible! http://lifeasjane.com

  104. Annie Annie says:

    Lovely outfit! I love the simplicity of it :) Keep 'em coming. Kisses from Vienna xo, anney aaanney.blogspot,com

  105. Beatrice Balaj Beatrice Balaj says:

    I want your flats :( I don't regret buying the black ones, but I would have been happier with the pastels. :/ Xx, http://sacosha.blogspot.com

  106. stephanie stephanie says:

    Very chic <3 www.stepfromsteph.blogspot.com

  107. Gemma Carey Gemma Carey says:

    I need those Valentino flats!! www.gemmacarey.com

  108. FP FP says:

    This look is killer, without a doubt. So please don't take the following comments in a negative light. I get that the number of buttons that are unbuttoned are just for the effect of the styling in the photos. However in most professional workplaces, unbuttoning more than two will get you a call from HR... And even outside of the workplace, I'm curious how you deal with unwelcome leering and such. The half-tuck (or front-tuck or what have you) stays in line with your personal brand, and I personally like how it looks on you. However it's another style move I would hesitate recommending young women in the workplace employ except in the loosest/most relaxed of dress codes.

  109. Julie Julie says:

    Love this whole outfit. Please could you tell me whether this is the chestnut shirt. Thank you.

  110. Claire Claire says:

    Great shirt. Is the color Chestnut or Red Clay?

  111. Katarina Devine Katarina Devine says:

    Love this look, and most of Everlanes things so great picks! XO Kat www.adevinelifestyle.com

  112. Andrea Andrea says:

    This look is utterly flawless, girl. Love the short sleeve a bit more undone..perfectly sexy without being over the top. Xo - Andrea www.lalabeljunkie.com

  113. Rockmafia Rockmafia says:

    Love your top !!!! http://www.rockmafia-lestore.fr

  114. A A says:

    Loved this outfit so much that I featured it on my blog, here: http://thisisitthough.com/2015/04/06/link-love-5/ Thanks for the style inspo, always!

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  117. Sophie Sophie says:

    what to wear beneath when unbuttoned so low?

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  119. vic vic says:

    i always wear my shirts that far down unbuttoned to work. lol.

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