Hello Madrid!

· Madrid, Spain September 8, 2016

Visited Madrid back in July and as my first time visiting, you can imagine my excitement! I’ve been a couple of times to Barcelona, which I absolutely love but I had never been to Madrid so when Kevin and I decided to visit for the first time, we couldn’t wait to arrive. I know there’s some sort of small rivalry between Madrid and Barcelona, just like LA vs NYC, it’s funny to me but I wanted to see and compare the two with my own eyes.

We stayed at the luxury boutique hotel, The Principal Madrid, which was absolutely stunning! From the super sleek rooms, to the yummy breakfast and centrally located area, it was the perfect welcoming home to explore our first time in Madrid. Luckily, our close friends Sara & Diego from Collage Vintage were our local tour guides! It was so fun to spend some days with them and have them show us around their city!


  • Prado Museum: Displays one of the finest collections of European art. Truly breathtaking!
  • Dray Martina: We had yummy tacos and pasta for lunch after the museum; plus the restaurant is super photogenic, totally instagram worthy! Across the street there’s cute little shops too!
  • Salamanca (aka Golden Mile): Best area to do luxury shopping.Definitely checkout Calle de Serrano because it’s one of the more exclusive streets in Madrid for shopping. Think Rodeo Drive.
  • Dear Hotel: Such a cute hotel, we had drinks at the rooftop and offered an amazing view during sunset!

Hope those quick tips might help, stay tuned for more photos from past trips: Paris, London, Mexico and more!

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    Ahh!.... so true, there is a slight rivarly but its best to visit both- love this. Cannot wait to go there xoxo www.lovekept.co.uk

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    Lovely post, you're so beautiful! Sophie♥


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    Madrid is where I am from and where I live. There are more important things than a hotel in my city, it's a pity you hadn't visited the most important places like el retiro, puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor!! Also, we have a great gastronomy, we don't usually eat tacos at Spain, you should have gone to Casa Txistu, or Casa Lucio to eat typical and delicious Spanish food. It's the most beautiful city in the world to me ;) Today on our BLOG we have a ●T SHIRT + DRESS L O O K ● ❤ http://wp.me/p7LEOx-22x

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