Staying Home & Decorating

March 25, 2020

Since I’ve been able to actually hang around the house, I’ve been really appreciating our space. Tending to plants and rearranging our porch has brought me a sense of peace and has really calmed my mood. Keeping busy with domestic improvement is a great way to find your center when feeling off. Some projects I’ve been putting off forever finally got done! It feels so good to accomplish in these uncertain times.

I have been getting so much satisfaction from home design. There is something so soothing about creating a mood with lighting and texture. The style I’m experimenting with for our home is bohemian modern with warm neutral tones and accents. I love incorporating some eclectic pieces that I’ve collected while traveling over the years. It’s a time capsule of offerings from my life. This is what creates warmth for me and the feeling of home.

I love sitting outside and lounging on our porch. I’ve surrounded our little dream area with plants and cactus’s for aesthetic. Having them around me is always comforting. I like lights or lanterns for adding a soft romantic feel to a patio, and then adding pillows or throw rugs and textiles as accents. I’ve rounded up some great outdoor textiles, furniture, planters, lighting and decor that are not only super cute and versatile, but also easy on the pocket. 😉 I would love some outdoor recommendations from you all! What are your favorite indoor or outdoor home decor sites?

Lets all remember to stay home and stay safe!

And please let’s try to pick each other up as much as we can right now by sharing and staying connected. <3 <3






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  1. Alex Alex says:

    Love your picks! The patio is so beautiful! email login

  2. Stephanie Castillo Stephanie Castillo says:

    Super cute outdoor decor! x StephC https://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  3. Beatrz Beatrz says:

    Love this post. So Inspiring!!! Kisses from Spain!! www.chicnotebook.com

  4. Elizabeth Walker Elizabeth Walker says:

    Sounds interesting. Its great to decorate the house at the quarantine time when we mostly have to stay at home! Review Belt For Man

  5. Monika Monika says:

    Beautiful details! :)

  6. Ben Computer Ben Computer says:

    The style of decoration is very beautiful. I really like this style. ben.com.vn

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