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It’s my birthday!!! Ah!

A little birthday shoot is always something I like to do to remind myself to always have fun. My amazing team surprised me at the office yesterday with confetti, balloons, Moscato, a giraffe piñata (because I love giraffes!) and cool birthday donuts! It was the cutest thing… they nailed it!

Thank you SJ team for the sweetest surprise, i love you!

Cheers to another year, another age!

with love,

birthday girl xx hbd1.jpg_effectedhbd3.jpg_effectedbday.jpg_effected-003


Birthday Girl!

It’s my biiiiiirthday today!
 So excited to be a year older,
so in honor of my birthday, I had to do a birthday shoot…i mean, duh..only made sense right?
It ended up being a super quick and unplanned (so bummed out about that) shoot with what i wore/makeup/hair/location/props. I was going to do a super fun, almost editorial looking shoot
but my hectic schedule this week interfered so I wasn’t able to shoot.
Anyway, still had fun playing around with confetti and confetti guns (hence the last photo!)
Oh and how pretty are my metallic #DIY numbered pinatas? LOVE them!
My sister was very sweet to make them for me ( Thank you sis!!); they served as my 
chandelier piece for my birthday party that we had over the weekend!
Photos to come!
I’m off to celebrate my birthday now…Disneyland, here I come.


Lucky 7- Birthday Edition.

Some favorite birthday randoms for this weeks Lucky 7 post.

1. The only shot we took of my balloons (before I let one go accidently)
2. Sparkly vintage tank worn out for my bday 
3. Mexican flan from birthday dinner
4. Champagneeeeeeee at the Standard
5.  Celebrating with one of my bffs 
6. Piñata! *thanks sis!
7. Confetti shooterrrrr, pop pop pop!!

Ok, enough birthday photos. Back to regular posts, yess!