Revolve Festival

Can’t believe Coachella season came and went already! Festival season is always one of my favorite times of the year and let’s not forget all the fun looks I get to play with for Coachella weekend.

I lost count on how many times I’ve been coming to Coachella but I’m always happy to get the chance to attend, work and play with my Revolve family. I got to hang with the Revolve fam throughout the whole week this year! I was totally immersed in the dreamy affair of the desert and caught in the Coachella whirlwind. Revolve Festival was definitely the hottest and most coolest party in the desert and I feel so lucky I was able to be a part of it! From the live performances of some of my favorite artists, to the In & Out Burger truck, the prettiest photo backgrounds, the merry-go-round and all the cool gifting suites. Revolve festival was the talk of the town!

Come take a look at all my fav Revolve festival styles!

Festival Season has Arrived!

With festival season in full bloom, it’s time

to grab the wild things and run away to the desert!

The Puffy sleeve

The puffy sleeve is back in a big way!

This romantic shape is so flattering and fresh, it’s the perfect way to recharge your wardrobe and set the tone for the spring and summer months.

Come check out why I like wearing this 80’s trend.


The magic has finally arrived you guys! I am so proud of this collaboration I can barley type!!!!

Come take a look at my amazing adventures and partnership with BILLABONG!!!!


Smitten with the Statement Earring!

Come see why I’m smitten with the statement earring!

Tokyo Streetstyle with Revolve

Domou arigatou gozaimasu 🙏🏼 Revolve! To start the year in Tokyo was truly a dream. Japan emits a magical feeling of tranquility. The kindness of the people is contagious and their way of life is beautiful. They are passionate and take great care in everything they do. The food was out of this world, everything I tasted was incredible! 

Japanese style is known for being eccentric. It plays on unique and imaginative costuming that is in the eye of the beholder. It’s all about creative freedom and expression!

Come take a look….