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Hi there! Welcome to my new blog! I was very excited to revamp my blog since it had never had a makeover… it’s been a long process trying to rebuild the blog, switching  everything over to wordpress and designing the layout. There always comes a time in everything that we do that we need change. Change to better ourselves, to improve our work, to start a new chapter, etc.. It was that time for me to change and improve my blog! I spend so much time on here that I wanted a place for you guys to not only enjoy the content, but also the design. I was really scared to change everything, specifically switching over to wordpress but I figured it’s going to be an improvement… especially visually.

You will see new featured landing photos, social icons so we stay connected, it’s finally going to be organized by categories +tags to make it easier for you to search for particular things, shop section where you can shop what I’m currently diggin’, much needed search bar, a travel map which I’m so excited about since you guys all said you’d like to see more of travel photos- this will be perfect for that!… share icons under each post, a fun newsletter (yay! finally!- make sure to sign up to receive exclusive news/giveaways/etc) and a brand new spankin’ logo!

There are a few things that we still need to change/add, but it takes time.. bare with me if some of the things aren’t functioning correctly! I gotta update all the categories, so hang tight! I really hope you guys love the new and improved site..I love how cool/sleek yet simple it is. With a new site now there will come new and better content so stay tuned. If you have any questions/suggestions regarding the new site, leave a comment below!

Special thank you to Cleo and Zafar from ProjectM+ for designing and programming my new blog; they are both so amazingly talented and a pleasure to work with!

Now onto the outfit, this is my second look for my Nordstrom Savvy partnership! Check out the first one here.

This is a little more put together than the first – something you can wear for a nice lunch date or creative meeting. I was definitely feeling the solid color look.. something I hardly wear. Make sure to check out my cool picks to help build your wardrobe!

All clothing via Nordstrom:
Blazer: Tildon 
Crop top: ASTR 
Shorts: Lucca Couture 
Heels: Tildon
Bag: Céline