July 2011


LA to LV.

Quick post of my short but sweet getaway to Las Vegas over the weekend.
We hardly took any photos so these will have to do; didn’t feel like lugging around
my camera everywhere so ended up just leaving it back at the hotel room every time we went out (sorry!). We stayed at the new and
oh so fresh Cosmopolitan. Pretty amazing hotel (highly recommend); my fave
was the pool! Spent hours laying out and the water felt so cold/refreshing
with the 100+ degree weather!
I get easily tanned and well….my legs were the ones that suffered the most, oh well.
Things that sucked though was
1. I didn’t win any money gambling, but then again I only gambled $20!
2. My fave sandals got stolen while we were inside the pool!…. I was so annoyed/pissed/bummed. Seriously who does that? ruuuuuude.
3. Didn’t visit the shopping outlets; pretty disappointed; but i did score a couple things at All Saints (inside the hotel) for half off!
3. We missed a boxing fight at the Mandalay Bay… my fault for taking forever to get ready. Oops.
All in all, it was the perfect getaway with the perfect person.



 Abby top c/o Hallelu 

First attempt at learning how to do a smoke eyeshadow! Always been a big fan but never really 
got it right; this will have to do for now. Guess practice makes perfect…you guys have any 
good tips on how do do the smokey eye? Share please!
I was also having fun with photo booth; hardly take any pics
on that thing! 
I’m leaving in an hour to Vegas for a short getaway..will be taking lots of photos!
So stay tuned!
have a fun weekend!


Pop of Orange.

Blouse: Alexa Chung for Madewell | Jeans: Current/Elliot | Heels: Jil Sander | Bag: Balenciaga | Flower: J.Crew

I’ve been so obsessed with this adorable neon orange flower-ish pin I picked up at J.Crew on
 sale for like for $6.
I just pin it and go; makes my blouses, denim jackets or canvas tote bags look extra cute! I got
a few other colors and I’ve been wearing them quite a lot. Definitely makes a pretty statement
with the nice pop of color for this hot summer! 

Gotta run! Gonna go shopping for a dining table and kitchen accessories with my parents!