October 2011



Photos from my instagram ( follow me @ sincerely_juless) from the last few days! I’ve
become totally addicted to this thing and try to document an array of different things which is always fun to look back to.
1. Outfit from nyfw during my E! News interview
2. New fancy Shakuhachi mary-janes , ooooh!
3. Pretty mini cupcakes from my nail salon while getting my nails did
4. Gap neon sweater (obsessed with it!) with soft pink lips
5. Couldn’t decided between Essie’s nail polishes for my manicure; 
Mademoiselle & Mint Candy Apple
6. Cute heart stickers from The Reform School in silver lake
7. Vietnamese crepe and mint limeade at my fave spot, Xoia Eats.
8. Martha Stewart’s glitter tubes- pretty amazing.
9. Homemade cake pops from my sis!
10. Delicious lunch at Deluca’s Italian deli
11. My look for a friends wedding!
Have a lovely weeekend!


Neon Bright.

Jacket: Martin + Osa | Sweatshirt: GAP | Sequin shorts: gifted Hallelu | Heels: Jil Sander | Bracelets: Top: from mexico, vintage and F21
I can definitely go from wearing basics to throwing on my fancy sequins shorts to freshen up my
mood + look for a whole new day.
You just have to do that sometimes, you know? Keeps things interesting…
and I love me some interesting.

Countdown for halloween continues and I have yet to decided what I’ll be…