December 2011


the Alexa.

 Dress: Alexa Chung for Madewell | Leather jacket: Asos | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim | Flats: Zara
I hope each and everyone one of you had an amazing holiday Christmas weekend filled with lots of love, good company and memorable moments…oh and of course some must-have gifts!
 I had such an amazing Christmas with my loved ones, couldn’t of asked for a better gift.
Anyway, picked up this dress from Alexa Chung’s collection with Madewell while I was doing my
Christmas shopping last week..& totally felt inspired to mimick her style when I wore this dress hence the leather jacket with the flats- totally her thing and totally mine.
Happy Monday!
psst… 2 weeks ’till my birthday! weeeee!


Fallin’ for Fall.

Hat: UO
Fall is definitely one of my fave seasons, especially because I get to wear many hats- literally.
The past month I’ve been on a hat crave, maybe it’s the fact that I’m kinda sick of my hair/bangs and want a new look, so I’m hidin’ underneath such item. Definitely not minding the different looks a hat can bring though; this day I wore my floppy hat over the weekend to grab a quick lunch.
It covered me from the glaring sun while also hiding my awkward stage bangs.
Any recommendations on a new cut/color?


Snow White.

Shorts: Helmut Lang (similiar here) | Sweater: Vintage | Heels: Pierre Hardy | Sunglasses: Ray Bans | Bag: 3.1 Phillip Lim
Christmas Shopping update:
So, I’m having the worst luck getting all my gifts- spent nearly 6 hours at the mall yesterday and was
completely unsuccessful. Only bought 1 gift! Pretty ridic.
I ended up buying stuff for me- which I hated myself for- but I just couldn’t resist!
Will try and post some of the stuff i’ve bought/acquired the last couple of days..or should I say, I’ll make a “haul” of the things I’ve bought as the the youtuber’s like to call it.
Anyway, round 3 continues today and I hope I get everything checked off my shopping list- nothing
worst than doing last minute shopping- dreaaaaadful.
Wish me luck!
p.s One of my fave sweaters! The circles remind me of snow balls, fun! The closest I’ll ever get to (make believe) snow because I hate the snow/cold.