October 2012


Manhattan Girl.

Tank: Gypsy Junkies  |  Shorts: Levi’s  |  Bandeau top: Uhlala beachwear  |  Boots: Coach  |  
Necklaces: Jennifer Zeuner 1, 2, 3  | 

A couple of days ago, my cousin and I decided to hit the beach for some much needed sun (hope all you east coasters are safe and staying warm!). We wanted to get some workout in but instead, we catched up, ate a few snacks and took a 20 minute nap on the beach.
 It was a short visit but very worth it!
On a side note, I’m totally swooning over my pretty Jennifer Zeuner necklaces, I meaaaan.
They’re the perfect everyday pieces to layer! It’s going to be hard to take these babies off!
The horizontal bar has Jules engraved on it, sooo cute!
Off to figure out what I’ll be for halloween tonight!
Happy Halloween everyone!
photos by destiny sarinana


Quick Fix.

Denim shirt: Bella Dahl  |  Tee: Brandy Melville (worn inside out)  |  Skirt: Random  |  Bag: Celine  |  Necklaces: Gabriela Artigas and Alexa Leigh

My quick fix always consists of a jamba juice, razmatazz, when I’m running around like a mad woman trying to get a million and one things done… it always just calms me down and freshens me up.
Definitely my go-to drink; I almost crave it everyday especially when I’m outta town.
 It always reminds me of LA.
The look is something very simple…wearing staple pieces always tends to
come together quite easily and nicely.
I’ve been wanting to put together a “ask Jules” Q&A for you guys because I get so many emails with various random questions from style to career to shopping to personal questions and it’s hard for me to get to every single question sometimes. So since I get a bunch of the same questions, I thought I’d do an updated Q&A post for you guys.
For those just following my blog, you can get to know me and for those who have been loyal followers, you can ask me something you were always interested to know!
I’ll be accumulating the most requested questions and work on a fun post!
So ask away in the comment section below or if you want to ask privately,
you can email your questions to:

Looking forward to your questions!
Thank you for visiting,

photos by rosie reyes



Blouse: Kain  |  Shorts: One Teaspoon (cool ones here here)  |  Blazer: Mih Jeans  |  Booties: Coach  |  Bag: Miu Miu  |  Pyramid cuffs: Gabriela Artigas for Sincerely Jules
Before I left to New York last week, I was wearing short, shorts and silky blouses to keep me fresh throughout the day. I leave and comeback, and the weather is still 90+ degrees.
(only in LA, will you experience gorgeous 90+ weather in fall)
My bangs are finally at a stage where I can do different things to them. I thought I was going to miss my ‘signature’ blunt bangs, but now that I look back at my posts, I think to myself, “wow, what was I thinking?”.. I mean, ok waiiit… not in a bad way but more of a “damn I had them for too long” kinda way! I did love my bangs a lot and it really defined my look for a couple of years, but I feel like I might have had the bangs for a little toooooo long! I was so attached to them and felt scared to do anything else, but now that I grew them out, I’m loving the longer bangs! I think it makes me look (and feel) like my age, I can show off my makeup and brows more (I take pride in my brows, I’m such a eyebrow kinda girl, don’t judge!), it frames my face better, and well.. I can play around with different hairstyles more now! Thinking of refreshing my look up with color now,
any suggestions?
Are you sometimes too attached to a particular hairstyle/cut/color, to try anything else?
photos by temoc gonzalez