Marakkech with Soludos.

January 26, 2016

I am so so excited to share these photos with you all! Back in November I had the amazing opportunity to visit Marrakech, Morocco with Soludos!

Marrakech was such an amazing city and the Moroccan people were the most beautiful and kind people I have ever met. The city had so much history and culture. Everywhere you looked there was 1,000 different details to see. At first it was a bit of sensory overload with all of the textures and colors, plus the hustle and bustle of the city- but after a day you got used to everything and learned to train your eye to focus in on the small beautiful details.

Wearing my Soludos around the city made walking all day long so easy! They were so comfortable and the perfect shoe for the warm weather and long walking. Not only did they keep me comfortable, their clean and chic look were the perfect juxtaposition to the amazing details of the city! Can we talk about how amazing the Disco Platform Smoking Slipper is?!

Love the soft gold of this Classic Slipper. These Jason Polan Wink Slippers are probably the cutest thing ever!! The most beautiful details in our hotel room.

Photography by Grant Legan

IG: @grantlegan

SOLUDOS ‘disco glitter’ platform smoking slipper

SOLUDOS metallic leather classic lace up slipper

SOLUDOS x Jason Polan ‘wink’ slipper 

SOLUDOS open toe leather wedge sandal

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  1. Dylana says:

    Beautiful! xo www.dylanasuarez.com

    • With Or Without Shoes says:

      Really nice place! Don't miss today my new personalized bag ...combined with a Fedora hat! . . ❤ Kisses from www.withorwithoutshoes.com ❤ . .

  2. Su nd Chris says:

    This place is like heaven! So in love with the photos!! :) xx Su http://fashiontwinstinct.blogspot.de/

    • Izzy says:

      I completely agree! All the patterns and colors are beyond amazing ♥ While I'm a silver gal myself, I do love your gold colored shoes - they look extra fine against your tanned skin! XO, Izzy http://www.nearnoise.com

  3. Sue says:

    Beautiful setting. I like that dark green dress you are wearing. http://www.fashionqueen4u.com Sue

    • Tatjana says:

      Do you know where is it from? Cheers, Tatjana

  4. Pinja says:

    I really want to visit Marrakech sometime, it looks so gorgeous!

  5. Ashley says:

    Absolutely stunning! Ashley http://www.ashleyelizabethbeauty.com

  6. Neeltje | Thoughts in Style says:

    I would love to visit Marrakech! http://www.thoughtsinstyle.com/

  7. Arabella says:

    Such beautiful pictures, I know what you mean about the sensory overload there - made me nauseous at first! Loving all the shoes too! ARABELL.CO.UK

  8. Iman says:

    Wow those pictures looks so nice and I look forward the warm days so that I can order a pair! x

  9. francesca says:

    beautiful photos! xx http://cherry-mag.com

  10. Lizzy says:

    Oh I would LOVE to visit there! It looks sosoo amazing and so incredibly picturesque! Shot From The Street

  11. Nancy says:

    Wow, what a beautiful place! x :) www.simplynancyblog.com

  12. desplanche says:

    Bonjour je voudrais savoir ou trouver la robe kaki et le petit haut orange/saumon? Merci beaucoup

  13. Lauren says:

    Oh love them all but I think the gold ballet ones are my favourite x www.wonkylauren.com

  14. Natali says:

    Wow!! Incredibly beautiful and stylish outfits and perfect photo shoot location! http://lartoffashion.com

  15. sara says:

    Love the pictures. Love Morocco! www.sarajume.wordpress.com

  16. Kristina says:

    The pictures are breathtaking - so beautiful! And I really love you ethno style, the shoes are awesome :) Hope I can visit this place one day. ♡ Kristina TheKontemporary

  17. Jessica says:

    The pictures are beautiful, you are beautiful, everything is beautiful! x http://jessicawoods.fr

  18. Nena says:

    Beautiful photos! And the location looks so amazing!

  19. Monika says:

    Loving your lace up slipper! So beautiful! Love, www.thestyleventure.com

  20. SweetMona says:

    nice post, love your looks! www.sweetmona.com

  21. Ellese says:

    The details in each photo are breathtaking! I am glad you had some comfy shoes for your voyage. Thank you for sharing this incredibly scenic photos. Xo, ellese http://rockpaperglam.com/

  22. camille says:

    This place is absolutely beautiful Xoxo http://fashionbackyard.blogspot.com

  23. La Bijoux Vella | by mia says:

    So very beautiful in all angles ... Cute shoes and captivating patterns goes so well together! Simply fabulous! :) La Bijoux Bella | by mia

  24. Whit says:

    Wow Julie, these pics are stunning! I love Soludos too, they're all so cute! I actually own a couple of pairs, one with palm trees that is the cutest thing... Your pics make me want to go back to Marakkech so badly!! x Love, Whit http://www.whitneyswonderland.com

  25. alyssa says:

    Stunning photos! Love all of your outfits and she's. So casual chic. xx www.fashionsensored.com

  26. Alice says:

    Wow! The color, architecture, tiles, design, and of course all the outfit are too gorgeous for words! xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  27. Jaime says:

    I discovered Soludos last summer and completely fell in love. They are SO comfortable and I love each of the fun designs and styles they offer. Definitely a warm weather staple for this girl. XO, Jaime | RegallySoled.com

  28. Stephanie says:

    Such cute outfits, love the Soludos and every details in Morocco! x StephC http://sstephcc.blogspot.com/

  29. Danielle says:

    Love love the classic lace up and wink slippers! <3 www.loudetails.com

  30. Christian McCord says:

    Love love love Soludos! and love your earrings in the denim/black/white outfit...who makes them?? Thx!

  31. Rabeeah says:

    These photos are absolutely stunning!! Marakkech has been on my travel list for ages now! What hotel is this? xoxo, Rabeeah www.mystylesketchbook.blogspot.com

  32. Jodi says:

    All the green and rich red tones of this place is so beautiful. So much style inspiration. www.throughmyowneyes.com

  33. Ashley says:

    Ahhhh, desperately want to head to Marrakech now that I've seen these pictures!! www.ashrealasitgets.blogspot.com

  34. Nikki says:

    Oh wow!!! Beautiful pictures, and you look stunning!:) X www.fashionablepassion.com

  35. Elizabeth T. says:

    The city is absolutely breathtaking <3 I really love how beautiful the buildings look! And all of your ensembles are so chic yet laid-back, perfect for Marakkech :) Loving all of the gorgeous shoes as well! XO, Elizabeth http://clothestoyouuu.com/

  36. Dani says:

    I tried Soludos Shoes because I found them here on your blog :) and I realllyyyyyyyyyyyy love them, most comfortable shoe ever. Thanks for sharing their new collection & the beautiful Marrakech pictures

  37. nat says:

    i'd love to go Marrakech one day beautiful shoes x http://anoddgirl.blogspot.com.au

  38. Dominique says:

    Great post! Marakkech is so beautiful, I need to go to Morocco!

  39. Mónica Sors - Mes Voyages à Paris says:

    Amazing!!! I need to go there soon! :) XX Mónica Sors MES VOYAGES À PARIS NEW POST: ALL BLACK EVERYTHING + CAMEL

  40. el trastero de cris says:

    que guapa!!! Nuevo look casual chic con maxi bufanda http://eltrasterodecris.blogspot.com


    Beautiful place. Your looks are stylish. http://elsecretodemistercloset.com

  42. Vivian says:

    Wow, Marakkech is beautiful! I love the second look! Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE ~

  43. Julie says:

    Such a cool collaboration post. Would love to know more about how you work with other brands as one of the top bloggers. Who comes up with the concept? Styling? What's your involvement in the brand? As blogging grows so rapidly it's interesting to see the evolution of brands turning to bloggers to help them build their customer base. And as always, great pics, Grant is super talented :) Julie x

  44. Diane says:

    Beautiful photos ! http://www.fruityandpassion.com/2016/01/belstaff-aw16-lcm.html

  45. Marakkech with Soludos. - Fashionista says:

    […] Sincerely Jules […]

  46. Maggie says:

    Gorgeous photos!! I definitely need to visit! www.maggiealamode.com

  47. Marion van Zutphen says:

    Beautiful pictures! I want to go to Marrakesh so bad, maybe my next trip after Thailand :)

  48. Liesa says:

    Those pictures look amazing! xx www.thefashionplaybook.de

  49. Linda says:

    Gorgeous photos! www.llindatt.blogspot.com

  50. Marta Mendes says:

    Love Soludos, but they don´t send it to Europe right? xx http://www.silverliningbym.com/

  51. Patrizia BS says:

    I love your military green dress... Could you tell me where you got it from? Thanks in advance! ;)

  52. stephanie says:

    beautiful shoots! I love your outfit here <3 www.stepfromsteph.blogspot.com

  53. Noemi says:

    beautiful place, beautiful photos, beautiful outfit. everything is perfect <3 http://thechroniclesofalivingbeing.blogspot.it/2016/01/dresslink-wishlist.html

  54. Catherine Kung says:

    Every capture is absolutely magic!! What a dreamy place to escape to! Positively breathtaking. And you did an amazing job selling those shoes bc now I want EVERY. SINGLE. PAIR. Cheers love! xoxo Catherine | GildedMaven.com

  55. Carly Conners Kenihan says:

    These pictures are GORGEOUS!!! I loveeee those gold soludos. Fab post, thanks for sharing your trip! xx Carly http://bunbunbook.com

  56. Alex says:

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  57. Maggie says:

    Wow- that location is stunning! Where did you and Soludos shoot at? -Maggie www.thatgirlmags.com

  58. Takeitandwearit says:

    some amazing pics and awesome shoes ! love the first one & the last one ! ♥ www.takeitandwearit.com

  59. Jasmine says:

    Love them all. Beautiful photos. x jasmine www.editorielle.com

  60. Anouk says:

    Seeing these photos makes me want to go back to Morocco. Fabulous images. Luxessed

  61. Veronica says:

    Wow, what stunning images! Thanks for sharing! xo, Veronica http://sassysweetsf.com/

  62. Eiwa says:

    Amazing looking place and amazing outfits! http://eiwadreaming.com https://www.instagram.com/eiwadreaming/

  63. Ashlee says:

    This place is dreamy, wish I was there! www.tusksandtails.com

  64. Fortune says:

    Love the winking slippers! Too cute http://www.fortunetellerfashion.com/

  65. Lindsey says:

    Obsessed with these pictures and your outfits. You have the best laid back style! stay styled, Lindsey IG: stay_styled BLOG: http://staystyledblog.com/

  66. Maria Geronico says:

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  67. Silkarmour says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous photographs! www.silkarmour.co.uk

  68. PSLily Boutique says:

    Love the metallic gold sandals! :) xo, Lily | pslilyboutique.com

  69. Marta says:

    me encanta tu estillo!! http://outfit-girls.blogspot.com.es/

  70. Sarah says:

    All of the photos in this post were so inspiring, down to the last detail. I see what you mean about Moroccan design having 1,000 intricacies, and then some! Pairing this up with the clothes just adds so much feeling and textures to everything. Great post!

  71. Tonya says:

    I loved seeing all of your photos form the trip on instagram too! So beautiful, I would love to go there someday! http://www.themoptop.com

  72. AGNESE says:

    Pictures are just breathtaking!! And the shoes really are the perfect fit for hot summer walks..thanks for sharing!:) AGNESE from www.theblogness.com

  73. Emilie Perrier says:

    Beautiful place ! love the pics & the shoes http://mademoiselleperrier.blogspot.fr/

  74. Trendy two says:

    Qué sitio tan chulo! Y tú guapísima! Hoy en nuestro BLOG tenemos un LOOK DE verano L O W C O S T que os va a encantar :) Pasaros y averiguar cual es ;) ❤ www.trendytwo.es

  75. Belén says:

    Hello!! :) I love all the pics, but I specially love that green dress!! <3 Can you tell me where is it from or where can I find anything similar? Thanks so much!! :)

  76. Eva says:

    All of your posts are amazing but this one really inspired me to perhaps one day visit Morocco. Such a beautiful area you were able to visit. And of course the clothes, so effortless and the shoes! I love these shoes! I've slowly learn to love espradilles but of course SJ always knows how to where them well!! Great job with this post, excellent review on the shoes and appreciate your styles as always!!

  77. MARTA says:

    All very beautiful outfits! Lovely photos! http://MARTAsFashionDiary.com/pink-black-and-silver/

  78. Maria | Looking Glass says:

    Amazing photos! Morocco is definitely on my list.

  79. Linoya says:

    Wow! In love with the beautiful details! I just ordered mine, still waiting for them to come in the mail. Love soludos. http://fashionismyaccent.com/

  80. Daisy says:

    The dress is so pretty! http://www.zealofstyle.com/ Daisy

  81. tori says:

    I'm dying to know who the green silk dress is by- it's amazing!!!

  82. Sophie says:

    Breathtaking photos, i've always in love with those pattern and architecture <3 Love from Lastestbag - Best Bags 2016

  83. Fashionandcash says:

    I love maroccan architecture...

  84. Fashionable Streets says:

    Absolutely amazing places , looks & pictures! You look gorgeous as always! xo http://fashionablestreets.blogspot.com/

  85. Alice says:

    Amazing setting xx Alice http://form42.com

  86. Dalí says:

    Loving it all!!!! Summer game strong <3 Check us out! Beach Cali Life :) Josseanddali.com

  87. Agnes says:

    Marrakech is so beautiful and picturesque! Agnes x http://www.blvckbee.com

    • C and the City says:

      What's the name of the hotel? It's stunning!!!

  88. Ida Pahus says:

    Absolutely love these pictures and outfits!! Marakkech seems like a beautiful place. Where were these pictures taken? http://livelifefullyalive.com/

  89. Lysandra says:

    You have the cutest shoes! Love the sparkly ones!! xolysandra.com

  90. Hurratul Maleka Taj says:

    I simply love this look. :) You can also have a look at : http://hurratulmaleka.com/

  91. Bouke Kremers says:

    Wow! I just love, love your olive green dress! Beyond beautiful Would you mind telling me where it's from? Thanks, Bouke

  92. Wenda says:

    Wow i love all The photos, you look lovely

  93. Bouke says:

    I'm in love with the olive green dress! Does anybody know where it's from? X0 X0

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  95. Esther says:

    Hi! I love the olive green dress and the white and black embroidered top. Could I ask where I can both items?

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