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Summer in the Hamptons.


I jetted off to the Hamptons to spend a week of my summer with the Revolve Clothing team! It was a few days of relaxation, laying by the pool, catching up with friends, exploring the neighborhood, enjoying the many activities the Revolve team had planned for us, and yes, I had to actually skip on a few activities because I had to work on my computer- BUMMMER!

It was my first time in the Hamptons and I didn’t know really what to expect. It was a bit different than what I had imagine, but serene and beautiful nonetheless. We spent a day in Montauk which I really enjoy for its hipster-ish, young, cool kinda vibe. We had a fun brunch on one of the days at the winery and sipped on yummy wine and chatted with the girls; total girl time!

I loved the quality time we spent together enjoying each other’s company in a beautiful location. Being happy and catching up with friends that live in other parts of the world during this trip was the icing on the cake!

Thank you to my Revolve Clothing family for making me a part of this trip!

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TULAROSA coastline slip dress

Flat Layout: AMUSE SOCIETY flora ditsy floral bandeau top, ILLESTEVA round sunnies

FOR LOVE AND LEMONS prickly pear dress 

Flat Layout: JANESSA LEONE x REVOLVE exclusive hat, MARA HOFFMAN bandeau top, RAYE slip on sandals, KAREN WALKER mirror sunnies 

LOVERS + FRIENDS life’s a beach top 



New York Fashion Week: Essentials

New York Fashion Week is just around the corner! After several years of attending Fashion Week, you kind of get the inside scoop on what you need. In the past I have had years where I packed too much and others that I didn’t pack any of the right essentials. The below are my absolute necessities and why I can’t live without them at NYFW.

NOTEBOOK AND PEN– You are going to always want to take notes on shows, street style, people you meet, and little hidden gems you find while exploring the city.

CAMERA & LENSES– These are probably the most important, and irreplaceable, things you can bring to Fashion Week. The photos you take are going to be worth a thousand words when you come home and years down the road. Having a few different lenses is a good idea, so you can switch them out depending on what you are shooting. You never want to regret not capturing a moment because you didn’t have the right lense. If you have a 5D or something similar, great! If not, a great point and shoot camera will work wonders. I like this one. For lenses, I stick to my 50mm 1.2 lense and a 24-70mm, some of the best lenses to shoot with.

CAMERA STRAP– This is kind of a no brainer. There are a lot of super cute and fun camera straps out there. Try and find one that suits you and your style, opposed to just a generic black one. Be sure it is strong enough to support your camera!

SUNNIES– You can never have enough sunglasses. Pack 3 pairs or pack 20 pairs. You won’t regret having daily options.

SHOES– Heels are a great idea, until you are trekking around the city and wanting to cut your feet off. You MUST bring a pair of shoes with you that can withstand lots of walking- I prefer a nice pair of flats or a colorful pair of sneakers. You can always wear your heels to shows/parties and switch out for flats when going to and from locations.

BAGS– I always makes sure to bring a small cross body and a tote. This is helpful when toting around extra shoes and your camera. It is good to have a cross body that works with your outfit, that way if you are in a photo you can put the tote down and still look put together.

PORTABLE CHARGER– SOOOO important! Don’t ever let your phone die!

JACKET– You want to be sure to have something over your shoulders just incase you get a little chilly. A denim jacket or a blazer is the perfect jacket for these moments.

WATCH– This is a great accessory that is visually great and so practical!

BUSINESS CARDS AND HOLDER– If you have cards, bring them! Fashion Week is a great time to meet and network with other people in the industry. You don’t ever want to have to write your name and number on a napkin.

BEAUTY MUST HAVES– 1.Facial mist will be your best friend when walking around. This will hydrate your skin, cool you down, and give you a nice glow. 2.Don’t forget a lip treatment!! Whether its something clear or something with a bit of a tint, you want to make sure you have something to constantly reapply throughout the day. 3.Travel sized perfume will definitely need to be in your bag. It is a great way to continuously freshen up. 4.Hand lotion will be your best friend! 5.Band-aids are also something to not leave your hotel room without. You never know when you might need one! Go with a cute color or pattern to make them more of a statement than an oopsie.

From Left to Right:

STELLA MCCARTNEY ‘fallabella’ crossbody bag 

MOLESKIN classic notebook 

CROSS CLASSIC ball point pen 

CANON ‘5D mark III’ camera 

PRADA ‘retro’ sunglasses 

L’OCCITANE shea butter hand cream 

MOPHIE ‘powerstation’ portable charger 

SFK deluxe camera strap 

BALENCIAGA ‘b.’ eau de parfum 

J.CREW band aids 

CANON ’50mm 1.4 usm’ camera lense 

BOBBI BROWN face mist 

BLK DNM ‘patch’ denim jacket  (similar here)

BUTTER LONDON quick top coat 

BALENCIAGA ‘cabas’ tote 

SOPHIA WEBSTER ‘bibi butterfly’ flats 

FRESH lip treatment 

SAINT LAURENT ‘lipstick’ card carrier 

MARC BY MARC JACOBS ‘the slim’ watch 

my style

New York Minute

moschinoMy hard drive was fully recovered last week, so now I have a bunch of photos I can finally share with you!! These photos were taken a while back in NYC- when they weren’t having the craziest weather ever! This look was a perfect for the end of summer-a little dressy and a little casual, equals a lot of chic.

I love mixing fancier pieces with more casual pieces. It makes the look so much more wearable, but you still look dressed up. It also makes your day so much more comfortable. If you have to run around town take this look and throw on some sneakers and you will look just as amazing!

These vintage Levis shorts are my absolute favorite! They sit low on my hips and have the perfect length- sometimes short denim cut offs are a little too Daisy Duke for me. If there is one staple piece that everyone needs in their closet, it is a perfect fitting pair of vintage denim shorts. They aren’t easy to find- especially if you are looking for a specific wash and length- but once you find them they will be one of your prized possessions. The best place to hunt for them is at flea markets, thrift stores, or vintage shops.


501 LEVI’S shorts
VINTAGE CHANEL 2.55 jersey bag
APC pendant necklace