My Valentine.

February 13, 2017

Valentine’s Day is all about love, friendship and doing extra special little things with the people that are the most special to you! I haven’t typically celebrated V’Day the last couple of years because Kevin lived in France so I would just FaceTime with him and tell each other sweet things! This Valentine’s Day however, I’m so happy we get to spend it together and take this day to do what we love the most, wandering and take photos. For that, we went with Paige to help us coordinate cute easy-going V’day looks to hangout in Olvera Street.

Almost everywhere we travel to, we take our polaroid little camera to help us capture sweet moments-  you should see our fridge (it’s full with mini polaroids everywhere!) We celebrated our love, passion and friendship by taking mini polaroids of each other, having brunch at our favorite place, him surprising me with flowers from my go-to flower shop and holding hands as we wander Olivera Street without a care in the world. Sometimes the simplest things can be the sweetest and for us, it’s always the most easy things that we enjoy the most… having a cute outfit together doesn’t hurt either! Thank you Paige for making our matchy-matchy outfits less cheesy and just cuter!

I’m wearing:

PAIGE Nori Sweater 

PAIGE Carine leather pants (super obsessed with these!)

On Kevin:

PAIGE Everett shirt

PAIGE Lenox skinny jeans 

PAIGE Cash tee 

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  1. Hi Jules, you blog is hilarious! I love reading it, it’s so inspiring! And I love your writing style and of course your photos, you look so cute!
    I just started a blog and it’s so much work but it doesn’t look like that..
    Did you started your blog alone or with someones help?
    Thank you, Ava

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