When I’m on the go and don’t have time to think about what I’m going to wear,  I like to reach for my classic pieces. I love mixing basics and elevated pieces together for an effortless, chic vibe. Over the years I’ve been building up my closet with classic items. For me, investment fashion pieces are essential to build, as I know I will have them for years to come. Hopefully (or possibly) one day I’ll be able pass down my best pieces to my children or nieces and nephews. 

Investment pieces withstand time and are relevant season after season, so don’t be afraid to splurge when the time is right. Just make sure you take your time when choosing an item to see if it brings you joy. 

Below, check out 5 classic items I’ve invested in and wear on rotation. Would love to know what fashion investments you’ve made and if you have any other suggestions for classic item must-haves?

1. Oversized Black Blazer – this little number, in my opinion is the most classic item you can have in your closet. It’s super versatile, timeless and can be easily transitioned from a day to night look. Pair it with your favorite sneaker for a casual day look. For an evening look, swap the sneakers for a cute low heel or booties, and add gold hoops for an elevated look.

2. Converse sneakers – These sneakers are simply a classic / og’s. They have been around for years and can be worn by anyone. I wear mine almost every season.

3. Denim – A good pair of jeans is always worth the investment. We count on them for almost every occasion, and they literally pair well with everything in your closet. Go for a light, dark or black wash because they are classic options that will always be in style.

4. Black Framed Sunglasses – One of my favorite accessories to wear are sunglasses. They offer both style and protection. Good quality sunglasses should provide UVA & UVB protection, to help avoid any skin/eye damage. Additionally, a quality pair is long lasting as they’re made from good materials that will not easily scratch. I love a dark shade, as they offer a mysterious and sleek look.

5. Gold Jewelry – I love and value my precious jewelry the most – especially gifted ones. They hold a special place in my heart and bring me pure joy. Gold hoops are a style I tend to gravitate to often. They can be matched with a number of different outfits and will give a basic look an instant boost. You can find a really good 14k pair at a reasonable price without breaking your bank account.

6. BONUS: Chanel Bag – There are endless options when it comes to investing in a designer bag. But a Chanel bag I have to say is my ultimate choice. It is such a beautiful chic bag that has been around for a long time and has been passed down from generations. The value of them remains high, year after years making it my favored classic investment. You 100% cannot go wrong with this bag.


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I love mixing basics and elevated pieces together for an effortless, chic vibe.




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