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Accessorizing your Sweatsuit

April 22, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wearing my sweats a little too much during quarantine, or at least it feels like it! I’m not ashamed to share that I live in the ’feeling free’ set from my new Billabong collection. This two piece set was one of our best sellers in the previous Billabong x Sincerely Jules collection. I was so obsessed that I had to bring it back with a warmer pretty hue for spring/summer! Is there anything better than a great pair of sweats? Comfort wise, and now style wise too, these laid back looks are all on trend.

I like to pair them with my favorite hoops and sneakers, or slip-ons . It’s such a low maintenance look, and yet there’s something super stylish about it at the same time! A sweat suit is always a good choice for hopping around on a casual day. I’ve even explored accessorizing my sweats with some statement jewelry, I like the added style bonus of comfort wear with a glamorous edge.

I’ve been dreaming of running errands and and just taking care of business as usual. This new normal will have to do, as it’s most important to stay home and do my part. I’ve been doing so much daydreaming during my days inside.

What kinds of things have you been reflecting on or dreaming up during all this time at home? And last but not least- how do you wear your favorite sweats?! share!





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