January 05

A little blush tone palette is sometimes the prettiest palette. It’s fun to play dress up in your own closet and pick items that you wouldn’t necessarily think about putting together- like this Zara maxi dress and knit sweater. It was a bit unexpected for me but I loved the way it turned out.

I was comfortable, warm and felt a little boho-chic too. For this new year, remind yourself to step out of your comfort zone, not only with personal goals, but also with what you wear. Play with different layers, patterns, colors, silhouettes, fabrics, styles.

I’m curious and excited to see how my style evolves this year. Should be fun!

Happy Monday! xxx

ZARA dress (worn as a skirt)

CHANEL cross body

ISABEL MARANT boots (similar here + love these taller & cheaper ones here)

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