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Florence, Italy August 18

Ciao from Italia! Summer in Florence has been such a dreamy affair, from tracking down the best gelato, to eating the most delicious pizza & pasta my taste buds have ever tasted, to cruising around on a vespa – I couldn’t be happier. Truly living la dolce vita!

While I’ve been enjoying my summer here to the fullest, I should also note that it’s been very hot and when it comes to getting dressed, my best friends have been lightweight / airy pieces of clothing. Crop tops are very much on the table for me rn, styled the one I’m wearing here with high waisted shorts, oversized button up, sandals and a tote to complete this look. There you have it, an uncomplicated look to wander around Italy in. 

xx Jules



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P.S. When in Europe the best thing to do is rent a vespa – such a great way to get around quicker and get the most out of your trip. Bonus points if you get matching Dior helmets with your significant other. 😉

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  1. OMG wait where have I seen this Dior bike before? I swear it popped up somewhere virally. I love the way you have mixed neutrals and blacks in your outfit, it creates such a freshness! Comfort, beige, and oversized is everything to me, especially in my mid-sized body. I also love your use of more sustainable brands such as Reformation 🙂

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