Color Dept. Drop four!

Los Angeles, CA February 09

Color Dept. 04 collection is here baby!

I’m beyond excited to introduce you to our new Color Dept. 04 polishes, featuring 8 new stunning colors! Heart eyes, heart eyes, heart eyes!!!

This year we are all about a mix of fashion forward hues. Dept. 04 seeks to explore grounded moody neutrals mixed with soft feminine tones and luxe shimmery textures. These inspiring shades were created to excite your playful side while ofc, matching your ootd. 

Painting my nails has become my happy place, especially when I have a variety of yummy shades to choose from. I love that boost a new glossy color gives my mood and confidence but also I find the processes of polishing my nails to be extremely therapeutic. I hope these new shades do that for you too. 

Crushing on shades: Moon Dust, Wine Sips, and Moss. 

Moon Dust is a gorgeous silver metallic polish that looks great as an accent color to liven up any look. For those who love a bit of sparkle on your fingertips, this one’s for you! 

Wine Sips is a muddy mauve pink with a hint of plum, sort of like a rich shade of fine (red) wine! You’re going to fall head over heels for this classic hue. Pairs perfectly with a bold lip but also subtle enough for everyday wear. 

Moss has entered the chat! A perfect enigmatically deep shade of green that’s bold and insanely eye-catching. We love our green shades around here, so you know we had to add another hue to the fam. This color is chef’s kiss and will never go out of style.  

Creating these shades was a labor of love and fun. I hope they evoke your creative side and they inspire you to give yourself that ‘you’ time we all so desperately need. Comment below your favorite shade, I’d love to hear your feedback.

Xx Jules 

IG: @COLORDEPT and tag us with your nail creations! #DeptMuse

Meet all of our new shades here:


Nice Day is made up of a soft rose pink with a creamy finish. This perfect color will keep you feeling confident and carefree no matter what. 

Wisteria – this light pale, almost pastel purple, will add a romantic note to your wardrobe. A color so fresh and fun that’s sure to bring out your creative energy. 

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