Summer is in full effect which means it’s time to take out all the cute summer outfits for beach days and travel adventures. When it comes to my collection of beach outfits, I like to keep things simple but ultra chic. Think: flowy dresses that can take you from beach to dinner, linens, button-up shirts as cover ups, short shorts, breezy blouses and a good array of jewelry & swim. 

Ahead, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite past travel outfits that are great ideas for your next beach getaway. Keep scrolling through! 

Xx Jules! 



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A breeze blouse & shorts paired with a straw hat and strappy sandals are a foolproof outfit to explore a beach town! If there’s a farmers market make sure you stop by for some fresh fruit and a cute photo op!



A chic top is the perfect transitional piece to take you from day to night. For a day look I paired this top by mara hoffman (l-o-v-e!) with a skirt, chic black sandals, straw hat and a button-up tied around my waist for a relaxed-luxe trend. As an alternative I’d pair this top with some loose trousers, cute dainty earrings and heels for a balmy beach evening look. 


Nothing says island vibes like a ruffly, flowy dress in a neutral shade. Keep your look simple and chic with a pair of white slides and some fun statement earrings. The perfect brunch attire! 


Beach attire is all about easy silhouettes and breezy fabrics – a linen top + bottoms are both vacation staples! Grab a hat to protect you from the sun rays and enjoy a day in the sand with a margarita.


I’m all about packing several swimsuit options but I truly love a simple black one-piece. Works perfect as a body suit paired with denim cut offs or Jeans after a dip in the pool. Throw on some minimal jewelry for an effortless chic vibe before you head out and explore.

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  1. For cute outfit ideas for your next getaway, Sincerely Jules suggests chic and simple styles like flowy dresses and versatile beach-to-dinner pieces

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