Easy outfit idea for spring!

Los Angeles, CA May 07

There’s nothing quite like the sensation of a warm breeze and sunshine on my face, indicating the arrival of warmer days. As the weather transitions, I love mixing warm and cool pieces in my outfits. This can involve pairing mini skirts with boots, knits with shorts, and lightweight sets with sandals, among other combinations. The options are endless!

One of my all-time favorite outfit combinations is an oversized button-up with jeans. It effortlessly combines comfort and style, providing enough coverage for unexpected breezy moments throughout the day. To complete the look, accessorize with bold jewelry, sandals, and a classic bag for a day out in the city or a brunch date with friends.

xx Jules


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Oversized button-ups are timeless pieces that effortlessly transition from spring to summer. Pair them with denim for a cool spring look, and switch to shorts for a breezy summer style.


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  1. Your article beautifully captures the excitement of transitioning into warmer weather with versatile outfit combinations. Mixing warm and cool pieces adds flair, while the timeless combination of an oversized button-up with jeans exudes comfort and style. Accessories like bold jewelry and a classic bag complete the look, perfect for a day out in the city or a brunch date with friends. Great job!

  2. Absolutely love your take on transitioning your wardrobe for warmer days! The mix of warm and cool pieces adds such versatility and excitement to outfits. And oversized button-ups with jeans? A timeless combination that never fails to impress. Your attention to detail with accessories like bold jewelry and a classic bag really elevates the whole look. Can’t wait to try out these ideas for my next outing!

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